Writing a Good and Correct Preface, How?

Writing a Good and Correct Preface, How?

As the name suggests, the preface is a line of sentences that is the introduction or opening of an article, which the author wants to convey before finally entering the main part of the discussion. Forewords can be found in both scientific and non-scientific papers. The nature itself is general, aka it does not discuss one topic, but discusses the overall interesting things that are discussed in the paper. The contents are also usually not very long. It tends to be short, but clear and interesting, so from this preface the reader will want to explore the next chapter by chapter.

The preface is the first part that states the intent and purpose of writing. This is generally followed by a body and conclusion. In the preface there is usually a thank you note from the author, then a brief discussion of the content, before finally getting to the closing section. The point is there are 3 parts here, namely the opening, the content and the closing.


In the opening section, which is usually in the first to second paragraphs, the author will usually express his gratitude for being able to finish writing. To whom? Who else if not God Almighty. For those who are Muslims, their words are addressed to Allah SWT, and the same is true for followers of other religions. Usually, the opening sentence will begin with the sentence ‘Thanksgiving’,


We thank God Almighty, because by His grace this scientific work can be completed properly. In addition, we would also like to express our deepest gratitude to those who have helped in the process of making this scientific paper.

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Praise and gratitude we pray to the presence of God Almighty, because only by His grace we were finally able to complete this scientific work entitled “The role of smartphones in supporting one’s productivity” in a timely manner.


In the content section, the author will usually state the intent and purpose of the writing, followed by a little description of the content.


This scientific work was compiled in order to obtain updated information about the role of smartphones in life. That it’s not always staring at a smartphone for long will have a bad impact, it can also increase productivity.

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For this second part, it is advisable not to go into too much detail. Because ii will result in a too long introduction. You only need to explain a little of the content of the scientific work to give a little view to the reader.


The last part of the introduction is what is called the conclusion. In this section, the author will usually express his apologies and hopes for the scientific work that has been made. The apology includes if in the future some errors are found in the writing. Because as the saying goes, flaws belong to humans, perfection belongs only to God.

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Although we sincerely hope that this scientific paper will have no shortcomings, we realize that our knowledge is very limited, so we still expect input and constructive criticism and suggestions for this scientific work in order to achieve the goal of providing updated information to readers.

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