Writing a Good and Correct Proposal

Writing a Good and Correct Proposal

Who’s ever heard of the term proposal? For those of you who are active in the Student Council, this may be quite familiar or even become a common thing, because you have or often compiled it. Basically, a proposal is a proposal that is still in the form of a draft. The purposes of this proposal are various, ranging from obtaining financial assistance, requesting permits, and others. Therefore, it must be made systematically and carefully in order to be convincing.

Here are some tips for writing a good and correct plan.

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Determining the Topic

Similar to writing a paper or scientific paper, we must determine the topic of the proposal to be made. The purpose of this can be a topic because we will describe the design that we propose in it. Topics can help us so that the contents do not turn to other topics.

Following Structure

As a draft submission, the proposal must be arranged neatly and systematically so that the reading party understands our purpose. They can also feel our seriousness in carrying out the plans contained therein, as long as we make them according to the structure. The point is that the design was not made carelessly, so that the recipient could also consider it better.

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To make the recipient more confident, present the data and facts according to the design. Moreover, because this design is also a promise of something that we will carry out. Therefore, describe it as it is, but neatly so that the receiving party understands our intent and purpose.

Paying attention to the writing format

Although trivial, don’t forget the writing format and language style used. The proposal is a formal report. Therefore, use standard words with correct punctuation. Also try to use effective and clear sentences. Avoid spelling and writing errors. An untidy design can be thought of as reflecting our messy behavior and way of working.

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