How to write a good paper

How to write a good paper

What is a paper?

In the words of W.J.S Poerwadarminta (1994) A paper is a written description of a topic that is used to stimulate more discussion.

A paper could be described as a writing work that contains the thoughts of the author which were never published and are considered to be scientific in the sense of.

1. Decide on the Topic or Theme of Discussion

In writing your paper the first thing to decide on is the topic or theme you’d like to explore.

If you receive an assignment from your instructor or lecturer and the topic is decided, you are able to move on to the next step.

If you don’t yet, you need to consider the subject or theme first.

This is due to the fact that the choice of the theme will impact the level of difficulty as well as the time required to complete the paper.

If you can you can, pick a topic which you’re skilled at and that gives you more insight into the subject.

2. Find out your Title of the Paper

After determining the subject or theme you wish to explore decide on the title of the paper you’ll ,

Create a title that is as memorable as you can.

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Apart from being attractive, the name should also be clear and relevant to the subject you pick.

3. Collect Reference Materials

Once you’ve decided on a topic and a title, it’s now time to gather the references that can help in the process of writing your research paper.

You can find references to diverse books, journals or articles published on the internet.

Particularly for content on the internet, pick one that has a clear source and easily traceable.

4. Systematically papers

Once you’ve gathered the reference material After obtaining reference material, it’s time to begin writing your research paper.

When writing a paper it is best if you it in a systematic manner following the format of the essay described above.

Beginning with the introduction, you should concentrate on the main points of the essay, and finish with an eloquent conclusion.

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Do not forget that when you write your paper, you are required to draw attention to information or facts that are already in place. It is essential that you need to remain objective when discussing current problems and the solutions.

5. Edit Papers

Once the article you’ve completed is complete and you are happy with it, don’t rush to publish the paper. Find out and rectify if there are any errors in the article.

Check first if the document you’ve created conforms to the structure of the original paper.

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