What is an Research Gap?

What is an Research Gap?

Define Research Gap

The term “research gap” refers to a situation that reveals an inconsistency in the findings of the research being conducted as well as the data supporting it. Research gaps typically occur because there are some aspects that are not considered when conducting research, and later give contradicting conclusions.

In a slightly different way research gap could also be understood as a gap in research that is due to differences in the outcomes of prior research (covering concepts and theories, or data, or issues within the area) which could be an area of research that needs to be further investigated.

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In the world of business research gaps that develop could affect the profit that are made by the business. Research gaps can have an adverse effect on businessoperations, among that is a drop in satisfaction with customers. Even though it may be detrimental however, such conditions can be used to evaluate the performance of a company managing its business to ensure it grows.

Gaps in Research Types

Theoretical Gap

The theoretical gap highlights the gap that is created by what theory forms the basis of previous research. It is possible that the prior theory has flaws or limitations that haven’t been capable of supporting research. Also, it is possible that the results of research were not really described in any theory.

Evidence Gap

The other type is The evidence gap highlights the gap in research evidence. The reference point for differentiating is a common thing that’s common. Researchers will discover inconsistencies between well-known phenomena and field data. This way, researchers can formulate strategies based upon the findings of the most recent research.

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Population Gap

The term “population gap” is which is based on productivity in business and the reach of population when gathering data for research. In the world of business typically, it is determined by the size of the market that is targeted as the foundation to determine whether there’s an insufficient population sample in the previous research.

Empirical Gap

Another kind of gap in research refers to the empirical gap, which is a reference to the gaps in the empirical nature of phenomena. There are gaps in research findings. Researchers should pay attention to the degree to which there are gaps within their research.

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Any discrepancy is automatically evident from the lack of consistency between the actual results and the research findings. In this case researchers may take advantage of the existing weaknesses to use as research materials. To make it more attractive this can be done by comparing it to previous research and, if necessary, backed by the right theory.

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