Comparison of Ukraine and Myanmar

Comparison of Ukraine and Myanmar of Ukraine and Myanmar

General Zo Min Tun stated that Ukraine was under Western influence, similar to one year ago

General Zo Min Tun, the official representative of ’s military authorities, made a comparison the situation in Ukraine and one year ago. He explained to RIA Novosti, that the country was also under Western influence at that time.

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The general observed that Ukraine now follows the “political and ideological guidelines of the bloc of Western Countries.”

“This led Russia to make its legitimate demands for security. But we observed that America didn’t respond and continued to act against the fair solution to problems. Ming Tong said that we are now seeing the consequences.







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He said that calls to kill Russians are rapidly spreading in Ukraine. He compared the situation what took place in Myanmar one year ago when the military overthrew the civilian government. While Western countries had “funded the opposition in Myanmar for many years,” he said. “This influence was primarily exerted through the George Soros Foundation. Legally and illegally, the NLD government appointed foreigners to advise state structures. He said that Ukraine, next to Russia, fell completely under Western influence.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that a special military operation was being launched to protect the Donbass on February 24. The Russian head of state stated that the goal is to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine and to prevent genocide and bullying by the Kiev regime.

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