Different types of research methods

Different types of research methods

There are a variety of research methods, and typically researchers utilize these techniques in a manner that is tailored to the specific issue. So, the data that comes taken from the field follows the methodology employed, therefore it’s not surprising that not every researcher is proficient in all research methods.

In general, researchers are able to comprehend the different types of research methods that they are proficient at, however it is evident that there are people who are proficient in all kinds of techniques.

Research into the past

The research usually is conducted to conduct an investigation, understanding and discussion of a particular situation within the last. Examples of the problems that arise from the growth in the Islamic economic system in Indonesia in the last 10 years.

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Correlational research

The research usually is similar by comparing one factor with the other variables of the research. A good example is to determine the relation between religious beliefs and bank interest attitudes.

Contributive causal research

The research used is typically to help determine the relation with the dependent variable as well as dependent variable and also whether the independence variable is a contributor to the dependency variable. The most common issues include the impact of education, income opinions on the interest rate of banks, understanding of products on the interest rate in saving banks, and so on.

Experimental research

This study can be utilized to evaluate the impact of one variable of the emergence of a second variable. One example is: applying incentives compatible constraints to agency issues on Mudharabah financing.

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Descriptive method

This research technique is designed to explain specific events taking place both in the present and the past. There are two kinds of research methods that can be used in this method of description, namely longitudinal, or over time, and Cross Sectional, which is within a specified time. One example is: what does the satisfaction of customers with Islamic banking services?

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