Types of Proposal

Types of Proposal

An activity has the meaning of a plan that is poured into a detailed and systematic of work plan. This is made before an activity is carried out, the aim of obtaining permission or also seeking event sponsors.

If we refer to the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary), then the meaning of the proposal is:

“A proposal is a plan that is set forth in the of a work plan, a systematic, thorough and thorough planning that is produced by researchers before carrying out research, both field research and library research.”

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Apparently, there are many forms of activity proposals, you know, as follows:

Business proposal

A proposal that will be used in business activities, individually or in groups.

Research proposal

That is a proposal that is generally used in the academic field. An example of that is a thesis or thesis.

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Project Proposal

This type of proposal is used as a draft work plan for a business project.

Activity Proposal

That is a proposal prepared to carry out an activity. The content of the activity proposal is the submission of activity plans, both individual and group in nature. An example is pensi activities at school.

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