Types of Historical Research, What’s Up?

Types of Historical Research, What’s Up?

Great nation a country that is proud of its history according to an expression. It’s true. It is evident that a variety of studies on the past of a country or the way of life around the globe are being conducted. The goal is to examine theories about the factors that cause causality that influence future developments and to predict the impact of the future.

The research of historical research can be seen as an overall analysis and collection of data. The research focuses on historical instances that can be considered historical events.

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Historical research is conducted using systematic methods techniques, processes and procedures to verify the accuracy of the findings. The types are distinguished according to the methods used to collect them and the research goals. Anything?

Methods of Historical Research

Based on the technique of collection the historical research is split into two areas, which are library research and field research.

1. Field Research

In order to conduct field research, researchers go to locations in which historical events take place or places that have historical relics. If the historical relics are kept in museums, the location of research shifts to museums.

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For research that is large-scale (with high expenses) researchers collaborate with archaeologists in carrying out excavations in order to locate relics which remain buried beneath the earth.

Field research can also be used to get directly from historical perpetrators or witnesses who are alive. Finding this oral source can be achieved by interviewing. If the perpetrator or the witness is deceased, historians may look for recordings of interviews conducted before. The recordings are available in national archives, museums or online news editorial centers.

2. Literature Research

Library research is exclusively based on written sources. One of these is to gather information and data through the use of the many items found inside the room of the library. The information collected by library research could be used as the foundational data and the primary tool to aid in the execution for field-based research.

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Research in libraries is also referred to by the name of document research. When conducting research, researchers try to locate written documents (documents) which are kept in archives, museums and libraries. Documents and data are comprised of magazines, books documents such as notes, letters historical tales, old books, and other records. The sources of written information available are likely to be numerous and researchers will need to choose or filter the data.

To find authentic, genuine and precise research, researchers are able to make comparisons between sources and another that is related to a particular historical issue. There are a variety of information that is authentic, but also doubtful or even inaccurate.

In addition, in line with the research goals, the types of research include legal research.

1. Comparative research in the field of historical research

This research aims to analyze specific characteristics at the same. For instance, a comparison between the studies of Buddhism in Srivijaya and the Chinese Empire that is based on I-Tsing records as well as an examination of the Nalanda inscription. In this study the researcher aims to demonstrate the differentiators and the similarities between these symptoms.

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2. The Juridical or Legal Research

Juridical research seeks to investigate aspects of the law, both formal as well as non-formal law from the past. For instance researchers want to study and understand the evolution of the judiciary in the period of Hindu-Buddhist influences in Indonesia. Research could focus on the judiciary as well as the decision-making process.

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