Types Of CCTV


There are many of CCTV.

1. Bullet Camera

The Bullet Camera is the first type of . This type of can be found in many locations. This includes offices, shops, malls, and residential homes. Bullet cameras are round in shape. This camera is better suited for outdoor use because of its weatherproof features and stronger build.

Bullet Camera is weather-resistant and can be used outdoors in direct sunlight. This camera can also capture images from areas where there is no continuous light. Include Zoom, pan and tilt control features.

2. CCTV Dome Cam

The second type is very similar to the Bullet Camera. It has a dome-shaped shape and is round. Because of its resistance to sun and rain, this type is often used outdoors.

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Dome cameras are more flexible than fixed camera , even though they can be used for multiple brands. The camera’s range varies depending on which series it is and what the user needs.

3. CCTV PTZ camera

The shape of the third camera is very similar to that of the Dome Camera but it has a larger dimension. PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. This means that the camera can move left or right and can also move up and down. It can also enlarge an object’s image and cover a large area such as airports, shopping malls, and outdoor parking lots. PTZ Camera can be set up to automatically follow the object’s movement or by manually controlling a controller from the CCTV control centre.

4. Night and Day Camera

The fourth type of camera is the day-and-night camera. This allows you to use the camera in different lighting conditions, from dark to bright. This camera can record images even in the dark, with very little lighting.

5. IP Camera

IP Camera This is an Internet Protocol Camera, which can be used with an internet connection. This camera is dynamic and cheaper than the analog. IP Camera was developed by many electronics companies, including Samsung, Xiaomi, and Panasonic.

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IP Camera allows users to view real-life footage and adjust settings using the default camera application. The image quality is generally higher than that of the analog model.

6. HD Camera

HD Camera refers to a High Definition Camera, or a camera that has high image quality and resolution. This camera can be used indoors and outdoors, making it more versatile. Many CCTV companies are currently developing HD Cameras for various purposes, including offices, parking lots, factories, and warehouses.

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HD Camera lets you zoom in on objects, without losing image quality such as blurred or cracked images. It is therefore ideal for public surveillance.

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