Tips for morning enthusiasm to be healthier

Tips for morning enthusiasm to be healthier

Consumption of more than 500-600 mg of caffeine per day can cause insomnia , nervousness, restlessness, irritability, heartburn , palpitations, and even muscle tremors . Several studies have also linked that caffeine in normal limits still contains negative effects for the body.

Here are some easy tips so that you can get into your morning routine , without the help of coffee or even caffeine:

1. Change the morning alarm system


To quote Insider , if you keep using one ringtone for your wake-up alarm . This will get you used to the sound and tend to be difficult to wake up in the morning .

Switch to a different alarm ringtone, say once a week, to surprise you in the morning.

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Keep the alarm away from your bed, for example on the dressing table or near the bedroom door. When the morning alarm goes off, inevitably you have to actually get out of bed and walk to turn off your alarm.

In this way, you will prefer to continue with your morning activities rather than hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep.

2. Exhale slowly

Set aside a minute to sit on the edge of the bed and swing your legs along with a deep inhale and exhale session for a few moments.

Enjoy the serenity and take some time to map out your day. Think about your goals and tasks. Take whatever notes you need to make sure your day is quieter and more efficient.

3. Open the curtains and start a little practice

Quoting from Forbes , the habit of opening the bedroom curtains or turning on the bedroom lights immediately in the morning will make you start to feel refreshed.

The sun ‘s rays will send signals to your brain, signaling it’s time for you to get up and move. Staying in a dark and cold room for a long time actually tempts you to go back to sleep.

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A morning workout not only gives you an energy boost, it gets you pumped, ensuring your senses are up and running. You’ll feel ready to tackle any issues that come your way.

4. Tips for morning enthusiasm by drinking water instead of coffee

It’s a good idea to always drink water before bed , as well as in the morning. a glass of cold water on an empty stomach actually has many health benefits.

One of them balances the work of the lymph system which functions to fight infection.

Water will push your metabolism to start working so you’ll wake up faster and alert. So, always have a glass of water on your bedroom table to greet you in the morning.

5. Create morning motivation


If every time you go to bed and wake up in the morning you only imagine about a pile of unfinished work, of course your morning routine will not be fun.

Your brain will associate getting up early and the office ‘terror’ to be the one thing you should avoid, making you keep delaying getting up and eventually ruining your day.

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Create a morning routine that you’ll always look forward to, such as making an appointment for breakfast with coworkers at a cafe or attending a morning exercise class at the gym.

Start your day with something that pleases you rather than welcoming the day straight away with heavy work.

6. Keep checking cell phone in the morning

Scrolling news notifications or social media via cellphone in the morning is a form of passive activity that can reduce morning productivity.

Every time we check our cell phones will invite a flood of stimuli into our brain space. This has the potential to cause stress in the morning. So you should keep this tool for a while in the morning.

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