How to choose the color of the front door of the house

How to choose the color of the front door of the house

The front door of your house is the most important element because the door is a good entry point for flow and is a liaison or separator different rooms. Choosing the right color for your door is very important because it will affect other elements in your home. So, do not let you choose colors carelessly. And for those of you who want to know for choosing a door color according to the direction of the door, see the article below.


1. Doors Facing East

The east direction describes a wood according to a feng shui element, so if your door is facing east then use a color that has wood elements such as brown or green.

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2. Doors Facing Southeast

The southeast direction is adjacent to the east direction, so there are still similarities, namely they both describe an element of wood. So, the colors that can be used are green or brown. However, there are still elements that can support the wood element, such as the water and earth elements which can be depicted in yellow or blue.

3. South Facing Door

According to feng shui, the south represents the fire element. Fire is usually depicted in red. So, you can choose the color of your door red and other colors that also describe the fire element such as yellow, purple, orange, magenta, and others. Combine the colors your own creations


4. Doors Facing Southwest

Elements related to the southwest direction are paired elements. So, suitable elements such as the world of love and marriage. And the right color if your door is facing southwest is yellow or brown.

5. Doors Facing West

Colors that match the door facing west are metal elements such as white and gray. Choose the right one because now there are many different colors.

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6. Doors Facing North

The north direction is the only direction associated the water element. Options that are very suitable for the north direction are black or blue. If the color does not match the color of the walls of the house, look for alternative colors that are still related to the water element, namely white or gray.


7. Doors Facing Northeast

A strong element for the northeast direction is the earth element. Almost the same as the east, you can use earth colors. However, if the color of the earth is too simple, you can create it using the color of the fire element, namely red or orange.

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8. Doors Facing Northwest

It has the same direction as the west, so the colors used are also the same as the west. So, give your door a color that has metal elements, namely white or gray. In essence, you can create your own colors that match the direction of the location of your door.

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