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The Advantages of Ethnography Research Methods

The Advantages of Ethnography While ethnography can vary greatly in approach, there are several key advantages of this type of research. This type of research focuses on the actual lives and working practices of its participants. This type of research is characterized by the collection of data opportunistically, utilizing a …

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The Importance of Historical Methods – Pro and Cons

You Need To Know : The Importance of Historical Methods – Pro and Cons Historical research is important for understanding the past and gaining knowledge about it. It can help us to better understand present-day events, and it can also provide valuable information about the development of civilizations. There are many …

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Different types of research methods

Different types of research methods ​ There are a variety of research methods, and typically researchers utilize these techniques in a manner that is tailored to the specific issue. So, the data that comes taken from the field follows the methodology employed, therefore it’s not surprising that not every researcher …

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