Tips for a Service Company to Develop Well

Tips for a Service Company to Develop Well

A service company is an industry that is engaged with the aim of generating profits in the form of selling services in an abstract form. In other words, service companies offer help in the form of products or goods.

In Indonesia, this type of company is growing rapidly. Some of them are financial consulting services, online and offline tutoring , and marketing strategy services.

To know clearly, service companies have 3 characteristics, namely as follows:

  1. Does not have an official price standard in the market
  2. Only selling services without visible physical products
  3. Does not require capital or production materials

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Although it does not require large capital, it does not mean that service companies do not have significant risks. If you look closely, this company still has several risks, for example:

  1. Not many choices in carrying out marketing strategies
  2. It’s a bit hard to believe because there are no testimonials from reputable customers
  3. Customers can’t complain because there are no physical products on offer

Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings between the service provider and the customer, it is a good idea to make a mutual agreement with written evidence before the company starts working on the problems facing the customers.

Be unique and specialize

For your business to succeed and stand out, don’t be afraid to be unique. How can you be different from the competition?

  • Are you more affordable?
  • Are you faster?
  • Are you environmentally friendly?
  • Is your quality better?

You must do at least one of these things better than your competitors.

You may want to consider specializing in one thing. Being great at one thing is far more attractive to customers than being able to do things not too well.

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Offering mediocre services can be fatal in running a business.

Get to know your customers

You don't need to have a personal relationship with your customers, but you do need to know their wants, needs and know what will influence them to use your services.

The key to having lots of repeat customers is building relationships.

You don’t need to have a personal relationship with your customers, but you do need to know their wants, needs and know what will influence them to use your services.

It is better if your business is designed to meet the specific needs of customers.

Treat your customers well

Work on each project as if you were providing this service to yourself or a dear family member.

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Make your customers feel that their project is important. Customers are the reason you own your business, so treating their project with respect and making it a priority can ensure positive reviews, returning customers and new customers.

Take Advantage of Marketing


Marketing your service business is very important. There are other businesses that offer the same services that you offer.

Standing out from the crowd is easier said than done, but a marketing plan can help your business beat the competition.

If you are already visible to the public, marketing can also help your business grow.

Take advantage of social media and connect with the community around you. Use professional service websites for networking and try to get as many references as possible.

Build a great website with a user-friendly website builder.

This website creation tool can also help your business develop a unique logo for your company

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Measure your costs

When starting a service business, make sure you understand all the costs involved in running it.

Accounting for every business expense is critical and can be the difference between staying afloat and growing. There are many expenses including rent, spare parts, employees (if needed).

Once you’ve estimated how much you’ll be spending, understand that your business will likely need more than that. It’s always a good idea to have a rainy day fund for your business.

Remember that you also need to factor in personal expenses such as gas, food, and health care.

These important things must be taken into account as they can potentially take money out of your business budget.

Know your limits

Many service businesses make the mistake of taking on tasks and jobs they shouldn’t be doing.

If it’s a job you can’t do well—don’t do it.

You may earn money from this work, but if it is done badly, you may lose client’s trust and disrupt your future business because of bad reviews.

Don’t be afraid to say no to jobs you feel uncomfortable about or jobs you know you can’t do well.

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If you feel you can learn on the go and find out in the process, only you can decide.

Think of the future

When you make business decisions, ask yourself if you are thinking about the future of your business.

  • Are there strategic customers you can work with
  • How can your customers help your reputation?
  • Can this client help with exposure?

Once you’ve established yourself, thinking about these things can be very profitable for the future of your business.

Know your value

There are companies out there that use the low price point for their services as a major selling factor.

Don’t use that method! If your skills are unique, specialized, and you are good at what you do, you will find customers who will pay a premium for better service.

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