Scholarships For Orphans Information and How to Apply

Scholarships For Orphans

The Scholarship for Orphan is a scholarship awarded to a child who is orphaned due to the death of his/her parents or is abandoned by his/her parents. An orphan cannot be adopted legally, but may be legally guarded by a guardian. The scheme offers twenty seats in selected programmes. These include regular programmes, Honours programmes, and programmes that have no parallel regular programmes. The Scholarship does not apply to programmes offered after graduation.

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James Howard Farris Scholarship

The James Howard Farris Scholarship for orphan children is awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need and academic promise. Established in memory of Dr. James Howard Farris, the scholarship is available to needy Memphis students. The scholarship was also created by David Burns and the Josephine Circle of Memphis. It is open to Tennessee residents who are disadvantaged due to a parent’s financial need. The deadline for the application is January 15.

Another scholarship fund was established in honor of Dr. Farris in 2005. Friends of Dr. Farris established the Fund, and income from the fund is awarded to deserving students on merit and need. The Michael Grehl Scholarship was established in honor of the late editor of the Scripps-Howard newspaper. A student must have participated in an outreach program, such as STREETS Ministries, to receive the scholarship.

Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund

The California Association of Highway Patrolmen funds four scholarships for orphans each year. These scholarships provide up to $2,400 to the surviving spouse of a deceased California Highway Patrol officer. The Trust Fund prides itself on being prompt in disbursing this benefit. The benefit is particularly helpful to surviving spouses in paying funeral costs. Scholarships for orphans will be announced each fall. Please contact the Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund for details.

The Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund was established in 1929 to help those who have lost a loved one. It has given millions of dollars to families who have lost a loved one. The Trust Fund will continue to give money to families who want to provide for their dependent children. Scholarships are open to children of deceased or disabled individuals, as well as those who have lost a parent to a traumatic event.

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Life Lessons Scholarship Program

The Life Lessons Scholarship Program for orphans awards scholarships for young adults who have lost a parent. The program is open to legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. To qualify, students must be between 17 and 24 years old and have been orphaned due to death or legal guardianship. The program also welcomes students who are currently enrolled in or pursuing a degree in an educational field.

The LIFE Foundation has a scholarship program for students who have lost a parent to AIDS. The program accepts both written and video submissions. Scholarship recipients should be able to show the impact of their loss. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate compassion, leadership, and a desire to help others. The program’s mission is to empower students to overcome their own challenges and make a difference in the world.

For more information on how to apply, visit the website. Click here to apply. Once approved, recipients of the scholarships will receive financial assistance from the Life Lessons Foundation. Applicants must have a strong desire to help orphans. After completing the application process, scholarship recipients will be selected and provided a living, nurturing environment. Whether they choose to work in a hospital or a nonprofit, life lessons are essential to the health and wellbeing of the orphan population.

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The Life Lessons Scholarship Program has two levels of funding. One is a video scholarship program for high school students, the other is an essay contest. The video submission option allows students to share their personal stories while telling the story of losing a parent. The essay must explain how the loss of the parent affected their plans and their financial situation. It must be a video submission, but the video should be no longer than three minutes long.

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Robert Gibson Methodist Trust

The Robert Gibson Methodist Trust is a charitable organization that awards bursaries to students. The trust is particularly interested in children of ministers and agricultural students. They encourage applications from students financial need and potential. However, there are also specific criteria for applying. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be at least eighteen years old. To apply, students must have at least 65% average in all previous years.

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Scholarships For Orphans Information and How to Apply

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