Unique Room Door Decorations That Can Beautify Your Home

Unique Room Door Decorations That Can Beautify Your Home

The door is not only used to make it easier to get in and out of the house and room, the door is also a leading property that shows the identity of the owner. Not infrequently people judge the contents of a house or room from the door first. Therefore, the actual appearance of the door deserves attention in such a way.

1. Decorate the door of the house with a used umbrella


The rainy season is almost over, so you don’t need an umbrella. In addition, driving a motorbike too often makes you forget to bring it. So instead of being idle, just use your umbrella to decorate the door of the house. Just install the door on the door leaf, then hang your umbrella there with a slightly open position. To make it neater, tie it with a ribbon at the 1/3 end. After that, add some real or fake flower stalks as a sweetener. With decorations like this, who doesn’t like your door decoration.

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2. Decorating the Room Door with Plaster


Decorating the door doesn’t have to call the services of an interior designer. Even just relying on black plaster, the bedroom door can seem more exciting. First of all, you make a horizontal drawing pattern on the door leaf as you like. For example, boxes, steps, or triangles that are lined up like in the example above. Then stick the black plaster according to the pattern. But make sure you have painted your bedroom door with white so that it is more contrasting. Well, easy right? Now your room can look even more exciting.

3. Decorate the door of the room with old newspapers

Old newspapers are trash that almost every home has. Instead of just lying around and making the house messy, just make it a decoration. How to make it easy, first make a circular frame with wood fibers, or you can buy it ready to use.

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Then you cut the newspaper with a width of 10-20 cm and don’t forget to cut 3/4 of the width of the paper to form tassels. After that, wrap it around the wood grain frame using strong glue. To make it look more beautiful, you can add some decorations such as bird statues or house bells. Then hang it on the door of the house using a strong rattan rope. Well, easy right? Your door will definitely look different from the others.

4. Decorate the door of the house with colorful patchwork


Do you feel bored with a room door that is just plain? Just decorate it with colorful patchwork door hangers. How to make it is also easy. You cut the colorful patchwork that you have lengthwise measuring 3 cm x 30 cm. Then tie it on a rattan rope. After that, attach it to the door leaf with 2 nails. Simsalabim, your plain door can turn into a colorful one without having to repaint it.

5. Beautify the Room Door with Real Flowers

Flowers in the garden or flowers you get from your boyfriend are often left to dry without being used. Even though you can use it to make your home look more beautiful. For example, by using it as a door decoration. Choose flowers with long and small stems, then place them in a rattan basket nailed to the door. Don’t forget to add ribbon as a sweetener. Simple right? With decorations like this, your home will definitely be more attractive.

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6. Create a Natural Feel by Installing Plants on the Edge of the Door

You are not painstaking in making a garden but want to make an ecogreen impression? Relax, you can create it by decorating the door of the house from leaf decoration. Just buy fake leaves that are elongated in shape. After that, tie in wire with rope or strong glue. Then install it on the edge of the front door of the house. Now, without bothering to plant, you can create a forest atmosphere with easy-to-make decorations.

7. Install Wallpaper Sticker on the Door

Wallpaper stickers are the right and practical material to make your home beautiful. Not only must it be installed on the wall of the room, now is the time for you to just make it a door decoration. Choose an eye catching pattern, “talk” and not too wide. Well, without much effort, your bedroom door can already look attractive from the others.

8. Anti Mainstream Decoration

Do you like things that are anti-mainstream? Without needing to be confused looking for inspiration, you can decorate the door with rolled tissue or gauze. Attach it with glue or tape. Then make a slightly messy pattern. After that, paste the black cardboard as the false eye. With this decoration, your door will definitely be attractive. Everyone must have thought the door was sore from being bandaged like this. Interesting right?

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9. Decorate the House with Used Items

Water hoses can not only be used for watering plants or washing cars, now you can use this to make your home more unique. For example, by installing it as a house door decoration. The trick, first you choose a brightly colored hose about 2 meters. Then roll up and tie with raffia. Then add fake flowers and colorful gloves for decoration. Don’t forget to tie it with a ribbon to make it sweeter. With decorations like this, who would refuse to stop by your house now?

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