Review : The 9 Bookshelf Cube by Liam

The 9 Bookshelf Cube by Liam

The Liam 9 Bookshelf Cube brings a dose of industrial chic to your home office or family room. This bookcase is easy to put together and compact, ensuring years of space-saving use. The company does not provide any additional information about the product, so you’re on your own when it comes to finding out more about the piece. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled some information about the cube bookcase that should help you make a purchasing decision.

Liam 9 Cube Bookcase

The Liam 6 Cube Bookcase features six cubes designed to fit vinyl records. It also features two perforated holes for cord management. It is versatile enough to function as a media center in a home theater. The Liam 6 Cube Bookcase is both stylish and functional. It is a practical solution for media centers, media rooms, and even the bedroom. This versatile piece will enhance the look of any room.

The Liam 9-Cube Bookcase with Speaker features nine cubes sized for vinyl records. It includes a Bluetooth speaker and has perforated holes for cord management. It features tapered legs and clean lines. The speaker is compatible with all major sound systems, including home theater sound systems. Its sleek, modern design is perfect for a home theater or music room. If you have a lot of vinyl records, this storage unit is an excellent choice.

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Stylish design

The stylish design of the 9 Bookshelf Cube will definitely add to the overall decor of your room. This multifunctional unit is made of durable wood and features ample storage space, enclose cabinets, and open cubbies. Its superior rust-free hinges, water-proof surface, and anti-tippling device make it a sturdy piece. Moreover, it is a space-saving unit, occupying only a small amount of floor space.

You can add color to this unit by choosing different drawer inserts for each cube section. You can also install hard doors on the corner cube sections for added storage space. The 9-cube design features a symmetrical shelving pattern, with each section equal in size and shape. This feature makes it a versatile storage unit that can also serve as a media center. While it is a storage unit, it still looks stylish and adds a touch of mid-century swagger to any room.

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Another great feature of the 9 Bookshelf Cube is its modern cube-style vertical bookshelf. The dark brown wood of this unit creates a visually pleasing display, with plenty of space to display decor. It’s definitely not the traditional bookshelf, but it does offer a fresh, contemporary style. In addition to the dark wood finish, the 9-bookshelf Cube features a white top and a unique configuration.

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