Review: What I learned to let go of worrying and enjoy the devilish delights of “Elden Ring”

Review: What I learned to let go of worrying and enjoy the devilish delights of “Elden Ring”

When I look back I’m not sure what made me decide to do this, and why I was willing to submit myself to the machismo of video games. I’m not sure why I believed my first encounter with an FromSoftware video game was similar to every other review on video games thirty hours over completed, game over review completed thank for your time and good night.

Yet, 30 minutes in Elden Ring I’ve barely scratched the surface. I didn’t realise until now how I can have this much fun and make myself miserable.
Beauty and brutality

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Elden Ringis forbidding stunning, beautiful, and sinister in every sense. The story that it tells about a lost kingdom is purposefully unclear. A speculative amount of the story was created by Game of Thronesauthor George R. R. Martin and the rest was written by Dark Soulsmastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki. The setting, called in the Lands Between, is filled with many little surprises like the roving sheep that scurry away in in armadillo fashion when you are too close. However, they also house numerous nightmares, such as huge dragonflies that attack the player while threatening the swarms of peasants, imposing knights, or fire-breathing dragons. The vast landscapes are largely replacing the thick, dense levels Dark Soulswas famous for. Within Elden Ring, however, the chance to explore a variety of terrainsuch as a savage prairie or a slithering swamp -is a source of dopamine from gaming (and some real fear as well).

It’s enhanced by the trusty horse, Torrent — a stunning animal that resembles an Elk. When you whistle, he’ll appear beneath your feet, ready to go. While he’s unaccessible within the many dungeons of the game, Torrent also gives you an advantage in combat, since you’re able to eliminate hoards from the saddle faster than on feet. The most impressive feature however is his double-jump. That’s right, double-jump.Double-jumping – Breath of the Wildhorses aren’t able to compete with his speed! Make use of Torrent to jump up over cliffs and jump into ravines to prevent falling injuries that normally cause death. However, be careful. While Torrent may make you feel like a superhero high altitudes, particularly dangerous opponents can still be a challenge for you.

But despite these advancements in layout and navigation, FromSoftware remains true to their classic boss system that often sends you – -an incredibly weak warrior, into a dimly-lit dungeon to fight with a gruesomely strong cretin. When this powerful and gruesome the cretin’s health bar finally reduced to zero after literally 43 attempts (yes I counted the very first boss) and then the celebrations begin. It’s like this: an unidentified 24-year-old man who sweaty hands and frantic heart rate leaps off of his couch and shouts ” FINALLY!” and then hurriedly texts his roommate with the news.

A grim, solitary world.

Elden Ring’saesthetic is also worthy of recognition even though it doesn’t compare to the glamour or realism of open world games like the others. Instead it does everything in order to leave you feeling inadequate. The Erdtree enormous and golden – towers over the entire landscape with its ethereal, flaxen leaves falling in slow succession into the savage ground beneath it. It’s a bright beacon in the otherwise dark medieval world that seems to be impossible to reach. The terrain is thin, and dotted with interchangeable ruins, I’m frequently retreating from the constant bombardment to capture a picture at my environment. Stormveil Castle’s broken turrets, or the muddy water in Liurnia of the Lakes provide an intriguing backdrop as you are being slowly killed, poisoned, or broken to pieces.

In these times of suffering and pain, but it’s also when Elden Ringparadoxically shines the brightest. In other games the death experience can be a bit expensive. Nintendo titles, for example aren’t very difficult, and so the battle can seem arbitrary after absorbing an opponent’s basic attack strategy, the most skilled gamers can win after some attempts.

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Elden Ring, however, is unable to grasp your hands. A foe takes three huge attacks, and, before you have time to dodge the last one, a final, anticipatory strike removes the rest of your health bar. The game will constantly push you into an impasse and forces players to make quick choices. You’ll miss the opportunity to dodge an opponent’s axe. You’ll trudge, only to misunderstand the distance, and then end in the position of being in danger. If you make a last-ditch effort you’ll end up pinned by an unnoticed enemy’s blade. But with practice, you’ll eventually become perfect. The moment you beat your boss is a feeling of pure relief and happiness that is unlike anything I’ve experienced during other games.

A little help from your friends

Fortunately, you’re not alone in this fight. Elden Ring follows the previous Soulsgames by letting you summon players or characters to aid. However, it also introduces an interface that’s similar to Pokemon. You can gather Spirit Ashes of enemies, permitting you to occasionally call models of them to become allies. Even if the ghostly dog or jellyfish aren’t ideal in terms of causing damage, they are able to distract enemies for enough time to improve the odds.

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What really surprised me concerning Elden Ring, but, was the extent to which I actually laughed during the game. It’s quite difficult but instead of just muttering and grumble I was relieved to know that others are going to experience the same struggles. In a moment when lots individuals, even me feel anxious I was unsure if I’d be interested in playing something that is so difficult. It’s easy to grab my favorite games on Nintendo Switch and shut off my brain. After realizing how fun it was to overcome my fears, discover The Lands Between, and die repeatedly, Elden Ringbecame enjoyable, especially when my roommate sat while laughing at my inevitable demise.

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