Research Proposal Systematics

Research Proposal Systematics

An activity proposal has the meaning of a plan that is poured into a detailed and systematic form of work plan. This proposal is made before an activity is carried out, with the aim of obtaining permission or also seeking event sponsors.

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Proposal is a text in the form of a request to a person or an institution to carry out an activity (research). In preparing a proposal, the conditions that must be met are identifying ideas, analyzing and completing information, and designing proposals so that they can get good and correct results. The following is a systematic research proposal writing in general, complete with a brief explanation.


In this element, the gap between expectations and reality is stated, both theoretical gaps and practical gaps that are the background of the problem.

Formulation of the problem

This element expressly states the question that you want to find the answer to.

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Research purposes

In this case, the stated goals or objectives to be achieved.

Benefits of research

This element contains the reasons for the feasibility of the problem to be studied.

Theoretical basis

This is a set of definitions, concepts, propositions that have been arranged neatly, and systematically about the variables in a research. This theoretical foundation will be a strong basis in the research to be carried out.

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Research methods

Steps that are owned and carried out by researchers in order to collect information or data and conduct investigations on the data that has been obtained.

Report writing framework

This is a guide or guide to the structure of the research design so that the preparation of the proposal becomes systematic and scientific.

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