3 Reasons Research is Important for Higher Education

Reasons Research is Important for Higher Education

The principal responsibilities of a lecturer fall into three areas, which are teaching research, teaching, and the community service. The tasks are well-organized within the Tridharma of Higher Education which has been carried out by him up to now. The job of a lecturer does not consist just teaching, but also guiding students. Lecturers are also expected to conduct research and also serve the local community. However, these two areas are often seen as an ‘extra-curricular’ job. Lecturers are more focused on the routine tasks of teacher and student supervisor than generating new ideas by undertaking research.

In reality, through research, new knowledge technology, solutions, and understanding are found to solve various issues faced by different parties including students, universities and the larger community. So, what is the importance of research to the university? This article outlines the crucial significance of research activities for universities.

1. Developing Teaching Materials

If someone is not only a student, there is a second word called’maha’ before him. This means that he has to critique the existing knowledge. Not just as passive receivers of knowledge and knowledge, and also active students. Therefore, it is essential to provide relevant research results that can be used to enhance the existing lecture material. Through research an instructor can create the materials to be taught to his students.

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With the help of up-to-date and pertinent research findings. The wisdom and sense of a student can be sharpened. This will certainly help students in developing the capacity to be an ingenuous and imaginative person in taking on any development challenge that may arise in the future.

2. Support Community Service

For the general society, a higher education institution is a nexus of knowledge. The heart of different sciences, and also of various skills. Morally, universities are required to be involved in improving the lives of those who live around them. Through research on the various issues that arise within the community, solutions or innovation may be developed that will bring benefits directly to the community. Research activities can help support community-based activities that benefit the university as a whole.

3. Improve Campus Reputation

A research journal published in a qualitative way and qualitatively,”the “International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education” up to now, Manchester University can be known around the globe. It is also known as the Netherland University with “Sociologia” as well as Ilinois University became better known because of the journal of research “Ilinois Journal of Mathematics”. These names illustrate how excellence in research in the university has been proven to be beneficial to the institution increase its fame.

The more research published by lecturers at the university, it’s capable of boosting the growth of the standing of the university. When an academic publishes research in various journals of science and journals, the researcher will input their name into the university that he was born at. This means that it is the institution’s name that becomes more and more well-known.

Furthermore, several university rating organizations, including QS World Ranking, Webometric and TeSCA are able to make the productivity of this field of research one of the criteria used to conduct rankings.

While research is an important place in universities. Presently, the execution for research activities at level of universities in Indonesia is not without challenges. In reality, the behavior of lecturers who tend to focus solely on their roles as student supervisors rather than focusing on the two other tasks – particularly research projects and research assignments – is not unjustifiable. It is not only due to the issue of funding for research which can be more significant that the stake. The issue of data management for research that isn’t well-organized is often a major obstacle. This can make the process of managing research unorganized and complicated.

This issue, naturally can affect research motivation in higher education . Their motivation is likely to be lower. While motivation plays an important factor in determining the effectiveness of researchers and also the quality of the scientific paper that they create.

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To address this issue To overcome this issue, we must also consider the policy of research adopted by The Directorate General of Higher Education which is designed to promote excellence in research and higher education. It is imperative to improve the administration of research data within universities. An information technology system for research can handle the entire research administration at universities that cover the entire process of research. It will certainly aid human researchers at universities when conducting research.

Universities should be able to establish a culture of research-driven spirit within the confines of their academic communities. This is why it is believed that university researchers level can generate more research-based results of high quality that are beneficial to their institutions in particular and for the larger community.

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