In Myanmar was cited as the reason for the turmoil surrounding Ukraine

In Myanmar was cited as the reason for the turmoil surrounding Ukraine

The current crisis in Ukraine was triggered as a result of, among other reasons, due to the inability from America United States to discuss guarantees of Ukraine’s security with Russia The official representative for the military authority of Myanmar general Zo Min Tun, told RIA Novosti.

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He pointed out the fact that the situation in Ukraine “calls against murder Russians are widely spread” and also drew a parallel to what occurred within Myanmar just a year ago when the military dissolved the civilian administration, and Western countries supported the rebels in Myanmar for a long time.

“I want to inform you about how Myanmar was affected by Western influence under the leadership under the NLD (National League for Democracy – Ed.). The influence of the West was executed through the George Soros Foundation . The NLD government has legally and illegally appointed foreigners to be advisers to state structures . This is comparable to Ukraine and, in turn, is right next to Russia The country also fell completely in Western influence. We are fully aware of this and we’re watching this closely.” The general said.

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Russia began a military operation to disarm Ukraine earlier in the day on Thursday the 24th of February. In a live broadcast to the Russians president Vladimir Putin said that the current circumstances “require swift and decisive actions from us. The republics of the people’s from Donbass were demanded help.” In the words of the Russian leader, all the responsibility for the bloodshed rests in the hands of Ukraine’s current administration in Ukraine.
He demanded the Ukrainian army not to obey the criminal instructions from authorities in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities, to lay down their arms and return back home.

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Myanmar’s military seized their civilian administration and took control of this country in February of last year, capturing civilian leaders. The military blamed its actions to the massive fraud in the results of the 2020 general elections for the then-ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) party and the inability of civil authorities to investigate the matter.
After coming to power via the constitutional procedure of the declaration of a state-of-emergency in the spring, the officials of the military’s new government have promised to hold fresh elections over the next year and to transfer control to the party that is able to win these elections. This spring during an information session at Naypyidaw the official representation to the authorities of the military Zo Ming Tong, the general in charge of military affairs Zo Ming Tong called an alternative date for the elections in two years.

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In the following days, later, the Russian Defense Ministry declared its position that Russian Armed Forces did not strike Ukraine’s cities. Ukraine the military infrastructure was damaged by precision weapons. People living in civilian areas, as per the department, isn’t at risk. It is reported that the Ministry of Defense added that the Ukrainian border guards “do not engage in any form of resistance” However, in certain cases there are occasions when Ukrainian military surrenders, and then afterwards they get the option of returning to their family member.

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