Panchakarma and Aaron Rodgers, Explained

Panchakarma and Aaron Rodgers, Explained

Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback, appeared on Pat McAfee’s Tuesday show to give some insight into his future plans. Panchakarma, an alternative cleansing and healing technique, was originally started as an inquiry about the MVP.

What is Panchakarma exactly? Here’s Rodgers describing the 12-day process.

Rodgers stated, “I just finished a 12-day cleanse in which you eat a certain diet and go through these treatments every day.” “You aren’t really doing any other. It’s time to turn off everything else. You aren’t working out, and you’re certainly not straining. It’s a kind of a refocusing, it not only heals your body but it also takes away your mental stress. The spiritual aspect is where you can enjoy the meditations a bit more.

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Rodgers shared that he felt a tremendous sense of gratitude after that experience. This is what inspired his post, in which he thanked everyone in his life, including some Packers teammates, for helping him along the journey. This led to speculation that Rodgers was going to announce his retirement. What exactly is Panchakarma, beyond the conversation Rodgers had with McAfee?

Panchakarma is closely associated with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system that has roots in India for thousands of years. According to the Ayurvedic Institute Ayurveda “is more than a healing system. It is a science, and an art, of living a healthy lifestyle that promotes longevity.” This includes diet, exercise, and living habits.

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There is much more to this topic than this post can cover. Ayurvedic principles state Panchakarma has the benefit of ridding the body of toxins. This is also known as “ama”, which is the “basic internal cause of all diseases.” Panchakarma, however, is only one type of treatment in a series of treatments collectively called “shodana.”

Chopra says that Panchakarma was a combination of Ayurvedic wellness practices and modern Ayurvedic ones. The original five components of Panchakarma were herbalized oil enemas and nasal irrigation. They also included therapeutic vomiting, purgation, and bloodletting. The modern steps include oil massages and steam baths, nasal administration, gentle laxatives, and a specialized diet.

Here’s Chopra’s summary of a typical day of Panchakarma.

  • Get up early to enjoy gentle yoga and meditation.
  • A cup of spiced tea with ginger, cardamom and fenne seeds is the best way to get your dosha ( ).
  • Get a light breakfast.
  • Start your day with a oil massage.
  • To release toxins, spend time in the steam room.
  • A detoxifying lunch consisting of kitchari and lentils with rice cooked in healing spices.
  • Take a walk in the woods or meditate. Detach yourself from technology!
  • Take as many naps as you need.
  • You can also try the herbalized basti.
  • A light meal of kitchari, cooked vegetables and rice is recommended.
  • You can read, meditate, or keep a journal before you go to bed.

Chopra summarizes Panchakarma as “for many, it ends up being an unexpectedly powerful journey into healing process.” Rodgers said that he has been using the treatment for some time.

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It doesn’t matter what the future holds for him playing, but it is safe to say that Panchakarma will continue to play a central role.

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