Observational Method Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Observational Method


The advantages of observational method include its high degree of accuracy and reliability. It involves observational study, which requires waiting for the event to happen and studying the event afterwards. Observational study has its own limitations, however. For example, it is not always possible to obtain a complete answer to a problem with the observational method. There are many disadvantages of observational method, which we will discuss below. But, the advantages of observational study are undoubtedly more compelling.

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Cost disadvantages of observational method

The advantages and disadvantages of the observational method are numerous. But it has some inherent problems too. For instance, this method is time-consuming and requires researchers to devote a lot of their time to watching a limited number of individuals. Furthermore, they may be distracted while doing the research, which can taint their results. Moreover, without statistics, anomalies can be mistaken for normal behaviors. Ultimately, these factors make it difficult to create an extensive market observation report.

Another disadvantage of the observational method is the difficulty of validating observations. This is because many phenomena cannot be described with sufficient precision. In addition, the respondent may not have the time or skills to provide information about themselves. Lastly, observational research is often more expensive than other methods. And it requires less cooperation from respondents. There are also some personal behaviours and activities that are off limits to the observer. However, despite these drawbacks, it remains a valid research method.

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Limitations of participant observational method

One of the drawbacks of the participant observational method is that it requires researchers to spend months or even years in a group, which is a significant time commitment. Furthermore, it is difficult to remain unbiased since the researcher becomes part of the group, thereby obscuring the researcher’s objectivity. Furthermore, the researcher’s own familiarity with the group may prevent them from observing important issues that others may overlook.

Another drawback of this research method is that it is difficult to generalize, as the researcher must be physically present during the study. While the method does produce useful results in many industries, it cannot be used to study future circumstances. Thus, it is important to understand the limitations of participant observational research before attempting it. However, it is important to keep in mind that the method is more expensive than other methods and requires more time than quantitative data.

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Lack of generalizability

The lack of generalizability of observations in research is a common criticism of observational studies. In general, researchers should use more rigorous methods to ensure the results of their studies are generalizable. However, some scholars believe that this limitation is unavoidable. This is due to the fact that a large number of people may participate in observational studies. In such cases, the findings must be replicated in other regions to draw more reliable conclusions.

While most methods are based on randomized control trials, observational studies are often limited by their lack of internal validity. Using observational data can help overcome the problems associated with unmeasured confounding, such as positivity violations. Similarly, incorporating observational data can shrink the mean squared error. However, many observational data approaches do not make full use of the internal validity of RCT data.

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