Tips to maintain motivation for sports

The best way to stay motivated is to stick to a regular exercise schedule and set your own healthy goals . Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Set reasonable goals

Beginners usually want maximum instant results, but they tend to get overwhelmed by forcing themselves to exercise for 1-2 hours every day.

This pattern can actually reduce motivation because you only get tired.

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So, set goals that are within your means. Start with weekly exercise 2-3 times for 20-30 minutes.

Also give a reasonable timeframe, for example, lose 10 kg for 3-4 months while maintaining health.

2. Take exercise notes

So that your motivation to exercise is not slack, try keeping a sports log.

You can take notes in an online journal or write them in a notebook.

Workout logs can show your progress by day, week, or month. For example, record how many sit-ups you can do, how long you can do planks , and how many inches your waistline has decreased.

3. Exercising with other people

Most people feel more motivated when they exercise with a close friend, partner, or fellow sports fan.

So, practice together every day or according to a mutually agreed schedule. Make them as motivators who encourage each other.

You can also remind each other if someone is lazy, or if one of you is not joining the exercise together because of other needs.

4. Do activities you enjoy

Sports motivation can wear off if you are bored with the exercise you are doing.

To outsmart it, try to find a fun new exercise, not just jogging alone or lifting weights at the gym .

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Try a sport you might not have thought of before, like zumba , basketball, or cycling.

Varied sports not only ward off boredom, but also become an alternative regardless of the weather or time.

5. Skipping 1-2 times is not a problem


It is undeniable that some people have missed the exercise schedule they have made.

If you’re doing the same thing, you need to be realistic and don’t feel guilty.

Taking an occasional break from your exercise routine isn’t a big deal as long as you’re able to commit to coming back for more.

This moment of rest can actually increase your motivation to exercise and make you miss it.

6. Get used to exercise at least 7 minutes

Force yourself to do only seven minutes of exercise . This can be a small reference that will make a big change in your life if you do it regularly.

When you’re done, ask yourself, do you still want to continue?

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If not, replace it with several small training sessions or other types of exercise instead of one long, demotivating workout.

7. Exercise even when you are tired

Exercise may not be the last thing you want to do when you’re tired. In fact, this activity can actually increase the body’s stamina .

This is because when you exercise you are required to breathe deeply and get lots of oxygen.

Increased levels of oxygen in the body helps the formation of energy in a part of the cell called the mitochondria. In addition, abundant oxygen makes the body use energy better and more efficiently.

8. Focus on yourself

When you decide to exercise regularly, you will find that there are always people who are fitter or leaner than you.

If you compare yourself to these people, your motivation to exercise can actually decrease.

Therefore, you must stay focused on yourself. Don’t let them get in the way of your progress and great goals.

After all, the only person you can match is your old self.

9. You don’t always have to go to the gym

If you have a busy schedule this week, don’t spend tens of minutes jamming your way to the gym .

Even without having to go to the gym , you can still actively exercise at home with exercise video guides on the internet.

There are many exercise movements at home that you can do after work.

That way, you can still burn calories and keep track of your workouts without sacrificing a lot of time.

10. See the changes in your body

A person’s motivation to exercise will usually increase once changes begin to occur in his body.

It’s a good sign that you are now able to lift heavier weights or can exercise for longer.

However, these are just a few examples of the many other things you can get your hands on.

According to research in the journal Frontiers in Psychology , here are other changes you may experience after exercising.

  • Sleep better .
  • Think more clearly.
  • Strong enough to move heavy furniture.
  • Heart rate becomes slower.
  • The results of tests for cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, triglycerides, and blood sugar were much better.

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11. Avoid things that demoralize

Many people end up quitting exercise just when they are on the verge of success.

Here are some mistakes that contribute to reducing exercise motivation.

  • Focus on the scales. Weight will not go down in a short time. Numbers on the scales that don’t go down can actually demoralize.
  • Exercising excessively. Gradual exercise will make the exercise enjoyable while giving your body time to adapt.
  • Comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s body is different. If your friend is able to build muscle in a week , you may need longer.

Everyone’s exercise motivation will change over time. There’s nothing wrong if your motivation drops and you want to take a break every now and then.

However, make sure you come back with a new spirit so that the goal of exercising to maintain physical fitness can be achieved.

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