5 Functions of the Main Door Design in a Modern Minimalist House

5 Functions of the Main Door Design in a Modern Minimalist House

In today’s era, the design of the main door of a minimalist house is very varied and functional following the trend of minimalist design, starting from the model, type, material and frame of the door. The main door is a very important thing to pay attention to in order to have maximum function. The main door is one of the priorities in every house because of its several main functions. A beautiful house can also be judged by the access to enter the house starting from the main door itself. The design value on the main door is also quite important as an additional art in the exterior and interior design of the house, because the main door has an outer and inner side.

For the model or design of the main door of a modern minimalist house, there are many references ranging from magazines, television and several online articles. Well, so that this article is not in vain for its readers,  Some of the main door functions include the following :

1. Access In and Out of Home

In each house, access in and out of the main door is different, its location, and the height and width of the door are of course made as comfortable as possible and adapted to the type of house. The main door design is number one compared to the doors of other rooms, as well as garage doors, because it is located at the front and as the main access that is most often reached in and out of the house and is usually connected to the living room and family room. Therefore, the beauty of the design of the door model is prioritized so that the main door looks impressive for the family of the owner of the house and those who visit the house. Especially those who have just finished the frame of the house will definitely choose the main door design as the main determinant of the beauty of the exterior and interior appearance of your home.

2. As Security

Apart from being a good air vent, the main door is also used as a cover for safe access to the house besides the gate, therefore it is important to design the right door with sturdy materials so that the house is kept safe from unwanted things such as theft and robbery , for anticipation, cover the main door of the house with an aluminum door frame or a patterned and sturdy coated iron fence to make it more secure, and make an effective key duplicate.

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Avoid leaving the main door open if it is not visible to the eye, to avoid crime, so that air from outside can still enter, you can leave the main door open, but there is a second layered door that is locked tightly.

3. As the Main Air Circulation or Ventilation Place

Healthy people certainly live in healthy homes, and need healthy air, the main door is directly a place to change air in and out directly from the yard or terrace of the house. Make sure the design and model of the door has optimal air circulation, so that the interior of the house still feels cool air at all times, and it is recommended that the main door is easily accessible and accessible, strategically close to the garden, yard or terrace, to keep the air in the living room and other spaces stay cool and healthy.

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4. Adjusting the Light in the Living Room

This is because the main door is usually directly facing into the living room, so that the light in the living room during the day can be determined by which direction the door faces apart from the glass window, try to get natural light from sunlight to enter the room. guests in a balanced way so that the bright atmosphere apart from the lights in the living room is more natural, and it will be very beneficial to save energy from electricity.

5. As a Value Added Exterior Design, Art and Aesthetics

The main door design of a modern minimalist house really functions as an added value to the art of architecture and design itself, especially a minimalist and simple design, with a simple and elegant door model, the minimalist impression combined with the architecture of the house becomes an impressive performance for the appearance of your home, both in terms of the exterior of the house and from the interior.

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The design and model of the main door can also be the right idea to beautify the appearance of your minimalist home.

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