8 Inspirational Minimalist Window Models for the Living Room

Inspirational Minimalist Window Models for the Living Room

The placement and selection of the size and type of window certainly affects the comfort level of the living room, especially the living room is one of the important points that you must pay attention to. Apart from being an air vent, the living room must also have at least one window as a part for light and air ventilation. In addition, windows are also very important as a complement to the empty space on the walls of the room.

Choosing the right and good window model and determining the location of the wall placement is something that needs to be paid close attention to the homeowner. For a minimalist residence, of course, you also have to use a small window, the most important thing is that there is light access. But for a rather spacious room, of course you can use a wider window and can be created according to taste.

1. Excalibur Window Design


The inspiration for the first living room window model that you can apply is a western-style window model that can be an interesting choice for your living room. Using a window made of wood that can be opened by up and down the glass. Also given curtains with warm colors. The placement of the windows is also a bit higher.

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2. Full Glass Window


The concept of your house is more modern and the living room wants more transparency? You can try using a large glass on the side of the wall in your living room. Use only black glass to make it look charming from the outside. Using a large glass of course the nature of each taste.

3. Design in Vintage Style


One way to design the living room to make it look ‘old school’ or vintage is to provide an old-style window. In this case you can use the concept of European-style windows. Using white paint and insulated window models and made of wood.

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4. Install the Open Close Window on the Side Wall

In general, people will put a window on a wall with a view of the main yard, but for this concept, you can put a window on the wall that leads to the side of the house. If your house has a cool view next to it, then you can imitate this concept. Use a window that has a sliding door or a window door that opens and closes so that cool air from outside can enter.

5. Wide windows and warm curtains

Your living room has a wide width and a wide wall also leads to the yard? You can install a fairly wide window there. Don’t forget to use colored curtains that match the theme of your living room. If you want a bright atmosphere then use white windows and bright or shiny color curtains.

6. Use Windows with Blinds

The use of curtains as a coating as well as window coverings is a pretty good idea. You can use a window that is wide and long and give it curtains made of bamboo or stainless. The function of the curtain is of course as a barrier to light entering and closing the window if it rains. And can also be a substitute for curtains.

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7. White and Wide Window

Using white windows or neutral colors is a good choice to make the living room more comfortable and pleasing to the eye. In addition, windows with wide glass will also provide more views out than just a small and insulated window. If indeed your home page has a pretty good view, then of course you can apply this window concept to design the living room in your home.

8. Install Insulated Wide Window


Wide and elongated windows can provide a good view outside. However, if you are worried that the incoming light will be too large and even affect the interior, then the window should be given a screen. You can use wide windows with bright colors and have curtains or screens on each window, so you can adjust the light.

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