Here are 5 Minimalist Home Interior Design Inspirations

Here are 5 Minimalist Home Interior Design Inspirations

Decorating a -sized house does have its own challenges. This is because you have to carefully calculate every meter of space consumed by the furniture you choose. One wrong step, your house can actually feel cramped and cramped.

Want to know tips for decorating the interior of your minimalist home? Check out the review below, come on!

1.Avoid Large Sofas

The use of a large sofa will only cut a lot of space in your home. Therefore, try using this loveseat in your living room. What a sweet spot!

2. Use Multifunction Desk Wall

This type of multifunctional desk wall is also a must have for you ! You can use it to put various items such as stationery, jewelry, souvenirs, to a but still beautiful study table, right?

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3. Magic the Forgotten Spot at the Bottom of the Stairs

The space at the bottom of the stairs is often overlooked. In fact, you can turn it into a spot shelf a beautiful drawer design too, you know! Use this space as a shoe rack, home utensils, to a small warehouse. Try it, come on!

4. Let the Curtains Hang

Have a house short walls? Relax, you can outsmart it by using long, transparent curtains. Curtains that are left hanging to the floor will make the walls look taller and the windows wider.

5. Take advantage of the Sliding Drawer

To make your kitchen look more neat and organized, you can turn an ordinary drawer into a sliding drawer to store various items. One of them is the trash can in the kitchen.

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