16 Minimalist Home Decorating Tips As Your Guide

16 Minimalist Home Decorating Tips As Your Guide

The size of your house is minimalist? When walking in the house, you easily stumble with household furniture? Do you feel that the atmosphere in the house is always messy, even though it has been cleaned regularly? If the problem is like this, it’s time to do minimalist home decoration.

Minimalist home decor will help you create a comfortable, pleasing to the eye and spacious dwelling, even though it is small in size. The key to minimalist home decor is a combination of furniture selection, arrangement of items and appropriate lighting.

In theory it is not difficult to decorate a small house. But in practice this is not the case. Small home decor has its own rules of the game. Here are tips that are very helpful in decorating your minimalist home.

1. Get rid of unnecessary things


The thing that needs to be done before decorating is to get rid of objects that are not needed. Look around you. What objects can be seen in sight? If you see a pile of unused paper, keys, shoes, empty glasses or other non-essential items, clean up immediately.

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After that think, where will these things go? Unused papers will be thrown away. Meanwhile, keys, shoes and glasses will be kept where they should be. Once all that is in order, you can see the condition of the house more clearly and be ready for the next step.

2. Choose a Neutral Color


When you want to choose a basic color for a minimalist home decor, choose a neutral color . The reason is, neutral colors can create a fresh  and calm impression in the room.

The most common example of a neutral color used in a minimalist home is white. This color is able to create a broad impression in the room. In addition, white is also able to emit natural light, so the room will appear warmer.

It is recommended not to add too many different colors in one room. One or two colors will suffice. You can complement the white color with beige or gray to strengthen the minimalist impression.

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3. Leave Free Space


We don’t need to take advantage of all the available space to put furniture. Leave empty space, because this is the most important element in minimalist home decor. The point is that there must be a focal point to achieve visual balance.

4. Use Transparent Chairs and Tables


Chairs and tables often take up more space than we think. Of course this is very contrary to the principles of minimalist decoration. To work around this, you can use transparent tables and chairs.

Transparent tables and chairs will make the room look spacious, because we can see other objects behind the two pieces of furniture.

5. Take advantage of the mirror

Want to make the room more spacious? Place a mirror on the wall of your house. Mirrors can create the illusion that the size of the room is twice as large. To realize this effect, you only need to display a mirror on the table or on the wall of the house.

6. Use Small Furniture

When making minimalist decorations, you are required to use space as efficiently as possible and at the same time leave empty space for a focal point. Therefore it is advisable to use only small furniture.

Using minimalist furniture does not mean having to sacrifice your comfort. Currently, there are many small pieces of furniture for sale, but they look luxurious from a visual perspective. Make sure the furniture you use is in line with the interior designof the room.

7. Choose Quality Not Quantity

Decorating a minimalist home will require a lot of consideration, due to limited space. Therefore, you need to carefully select what furniture will enter the house. Remember, your main goal is to create a room that makes anyone feel at home for long.

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Then it is logical to state that the quantity of furniture is not more important than its quality. For consideration, you can choose furniture that is done with the best and durable materials. Don’t forget about how it looks when combined with the interior of your home.

8. Experiment with Textures


Using neutral colors alone will certainly be boring. To avoid the impression of being monotonous in the room, you can experiment with texture. Add items that have a different texture to the walls or furniture, such as knitted rugs, beaded pillowcases, etc.

According to Sara Medina, an  art director  from Sweden, to get a minimalist look at the interior of the house, you don’t need to mix too many different textures or colors. If the interior is a white base, you can simply add beige, bright gray and tan (sunburned) tones that we usually see in nature.

9. Don’t Block Natural Light

The dark room is the main mastermind that makes the house look more gloomy and cramped. Overcome this with natural light from the sun. Windows are the main pathway for natural light to enter your home. Therefore, if you can, you don’t need to fiddle with the windows at home anymore.

However, if it becomes a problem because it interferes with privacy, you can use curtains made of very thin material. Make sure the curtains don’t block the sunlight, even if they’re closed. If you want to create the impression of a small but luxurious home decor, you can use high curtains, as high as the walls of the house.

10. Be Careful Using Pattern

In minimalist decoration, usually the use of patterns or patterns is limited. If you still want to use a pattern, you can choose a smaller pattern type. Patterns can be used on items like curtains and pillowcases.

For walls, it is recommended to choose a pattern in the form of horizontal lines. Horizontal lines can create the illusion of a wider room.

11. Expose Your Ceiling


Generally, minimalist homes have low ceilings. This condition can give the impression of being cramped and uncomfortable for the occupants. You can overcome this by exposing or leaving the ceiling of the house visible.

The point is not to show the tile part  , you know , but the supporting wood that supports the ceiling. That way, your house will look more spacious and the mice will have a hard time finding a place to nest.

12. Arrange Furniture Symmetrically

Another tip in decorating a minimalist home is to arrange furniture symmetrically. This method can make the house look cleaner and neater. You will also never trip again, because the furniture has been arranged with precision. Some furniture that can be arranged symmetrically, for example, are chairs, cabinets, tables, lamps, etc.

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13. Use Lights for the Corner of the Room

Natural light from the sun is important, but it is possible if there are corners of the room that are not reached by it. You can use lamps to light up dark corners of the room. Make sure the lights used are also bright enough to illuminate at night.

14. Choose a Vertical Bookshelf

For you book fans, you may be confused in choosing the right bookshelf for a minimalist home. One-one bookshelf can take up a lot of space and as a result your home looks narrower.

For business bookshelves, you can choose the type of vertical open shelf. In addition to saving space, vertical shelves will also make the room appear taller than it actually is.

15. Try Using Multi-Function Furniture


Furniture with double functions is usually a way out for people who have small houses. This furniture is like a combination of two or more pieces of furniture at once, so it saves a lot of space. Examples of multi-functional furniture that can be used are a table as well as a bookshelf, a mattress with a bookshelf underneath, a bunk bed with a study table at the bottom, etc.

16. Change the Mindset to “One In, One Out”

It is undeniable that what you are designing now may change from time to time. Either because you’re getting a better quality seat than what you currently have, or because you just want to change the mood.

If that’s the case, keep in mind the “ one in, one out ” philosophy in minimalist décor. This means that the new goods will replace the existing goods. It can be based on its size, or the function of the item. That way, the condition of your home will always look neat, even though there is new furniture.

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Minimalist home decor does require careful planning. Therefore, you need to imagine the shape of your decoration before starting. The decorating tips above can be a guide before you start arranging your dream home.

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