3 Materials for Home Door and Window Frame Models

3 Materials for Home Door and Window Frame Models

When choosing a door or window frame model, you must pay attention to the material or type of the frame. Strong and quality materials will make the glass doors and windows of your home last longer. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the thickness of the frame. The thickness of the frame can be adjusted according to the thickness of the walls and the fabrication material. That way, the installation and manufacture of the frame will be more secure.

Currently, there are three materials or frame materials that are often used to make door and window frames, including aluminum, wood and uPVC. But you need to pay attention to these materials because this frame material has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the price that is set is of course different, so you have to adjust it to your costs and needs.

1. Wooden Frames

Wood is one of the materials most often used in the manufacture of furniture, especially for making frames. This material is quite flexible because it can be applied to different home designs such as modern, classic to traditional. Some types of wood also have properties that are easy to shape making it easier for carpenters or wood craftsmen to manufacture. A good type of wood usually has gone through an optimal oven process.

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This wooden frame is also suitable for door materials who want a natural impression on their home. You can adjust the temperature of the house to keep it stable. If you choose wood as the model material for the window door frame, you must carry out regular maintenance because some types of wood cannot withstand pests such as termites and are easily weathered due to exposure to rain or hot sun.

2. Aluminum Frames

In contrast to natural materials such as wood, Aluminum is known to be resistant to porous and termite attacks. Another advantage that you will get from aluminum is that it is a material that doesn’t shrink or deform as the weather changes. Even though it doesn’t create a natural impression like wood, you can also be creative by painting it using a variety of paint colors. You can also make a special design for frames made of aluminum.

Aluminum is known as a light weight material, so it can be easily carried anywhere. But you have to be careful when choosing this material in the store because aluminum which has low quality will expand easily and can affect your frame. In addition, the installation for this aluminum frame is quite complicated because it still requires a rubber seal.

3. Frame From uPVC

uPVC stands for Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. These materials have been widely used for frame raw materials and are made based on consumer needs. There are many advantages that you can get if you use this uPVC frame as a door and window frame model material. Some of the advantages of using uPVC frames include that they are not easy to expand or shrink, are able to muffle sound or soundproof, are resistant to leaks and are also fairly easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, uPVC has several drawbacks that you need to pay attention to, including ordering sizes for windows that must match the shape of your home window. This makes uPVC products do not have standard sizes, so if you want to use a window that fits your needs, you must place an order in advance.

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