8 Ways to Make Money from the Internet for Students

8 Ways to Make Money from the Internet for Students

Being a student is a critical period to be independent. Students have to be smart in managing the “snack ” from their parents.

Including knowing how to get additional income, so that you are no longer dependent on your parents.

No need to bother renting a kiosk which is certainly not cheap to be able to get extra . Because now students make from the internet. The method is more straightforward and be done anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

By earning income from the internet, these students can do it in between doing their homework. Because when looking for assignment materials, they use the internet more than thick textbooks.

So, what can students do to earn extra money from the internet? Check out the following 8 ways.

Became Reseller or Dropshipper

Becoming a reseller is a way to make money from the internet that many students do. They take products from other people and then sell them again.

From every product successfully sold, profit will be obtained from the price margin agreed with the product owner.

An even easier way is to become a dropshipper. You do not need to buy goods or products to be sold.

It is enough to open an account in various marketplaces that exist today. The seller will process and send the goods when there is a transaction.

No need to stock items. You just need to do a lot of promotion through social media so that the products you sell can be known to many people.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to dropshipper, being an affiliate marketing doesn’t even require you to buy product stock. The goods sold remain with the seller.

When there is a sale, you will get a commission that has been determined at the beginning of the collaboration.

You must have a blog or site that will be a means of channeling affiliate links to sellers. When someone visits your site and is interested in the products you offer, they will connect with the seller via a link.

The products sold as an affiliate marketer are very diverse. Ranging from digital products to physical objects. Parties that open this affiliate program include Amazon.com, Clickbank.com, and etsy.com.

Freelance Content Producer

The development of the internet makes site and blog owners always need content.

Even companies engaged in services and product sales currently need interesting content to fill their sites.

This content is not just writing. It can also be in the form of photos and videos which are also much needed for company promotion.

You certainly have to have the passion and the tools needed. To become a practical online content writer, you only need a computer and knowledge in the fields required by the company.

You can join liaison sites between site/blog owners and content providers. Such as Freelancer, Projects.co.id, or Sribulancer.

Be a Freelancer

The ability in one area can also be used to make money from the internet.

Special abilities as a translator, graphic designer, caricature, or photographer can be used as land to increase income.

You don’t need to put a big sign or banner in front of the fence. Just create a blog or even a site to offer those capabilities.

Don’t forget, fill your blog or website with a portfolio that shows the results of the work that has been completed.

You can also offer it through social media, such as Facebook. Moreover, Facebook has provided a special page to promote your abilities or products.

You can also market it through various widely scattered forums on Facebook or other social media.

Make Money by Teaching Online Class

looking for a way to make some extra money, teaching online classes could be the perfect option for you! Not only can you earn a healthy income from your instructional work, but you can also enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online learning.

Here are some tips on how to get started as a virtual teacher:

1. Search for online teaching opportunities. Udemy, Coursera, and other platforms offer tons of courses on a variety of topics, so it’s easy to find something that interests you. If you have an existing online course or blog post that you’d like to make into a class, no problem – many platforms offer easy tools for converting existing materials into online lessons.

2. Choose the right platform(s). There are dozens of different platforms out there, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your teaching style and goals. Some popular options include Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare – all of which offer user-friendly platforms with ample resources and support. However, if you’re interested in teaching specialized subjects or languages (for example), don’t overlook specialty platforms like Babson College’s eLearning University or LingQ Learning.

3. Get started ASAP! Once you’ve chosen a platform and selected your content, it’s time to get started actually creating your classes! There are plenty of helpful tutorials available on how to set up your courses and get students enrolled – just be sure to factor in time for active participation in class discussion and responding to student questions.

You can also start your own learning class platform by making some website or even a youtube video to promote your class.

Making money as a teacher by teaching online classes is definitely possible, as long as you put in the work early on and choose the right platform. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start – so be sure to check out our blog for more tips on creating successful online classes!

Become a Blogger or Vlogger

Just want to write something on a blog or site with a theme that you like can still generate additional money.

Be a blogger who specializes in specific fields.

Like being a fashion blogger or food blogger. When the content that you create really attracts surfers in cyberspace, your blog will be crowded with visitors.

That’s when you can start withdrawing dollars through ads posted on your blog.

Even now, being a vlogger is just as interesting as a blogger. The difference is only in the media that is a means of channeling the ideas and ideas that you come up with. Vloggers always rely on videos to fill the content of their blogs.

Like bloggers, vloggers can only reap results when their blogs start to be visited by many, so that they attract advertisers to promote their products on your blog.

Take Online Surveys

Another way to make money from the internet is to take online surveys. There are many online survey providers scattered in cyberspace.

Your job is only to answer the questions asked according to actual conditions.

From every survey you do, you will get a “wages” of a few rupiahs or a few dollars, depending on the online survey site that you follow. The number is indeed not much for one survey.

But if you have an account with many of these online survey providers, the amount you get will definitely be large.

Especially if, your demographics are the most sought after by those who need the data.

Create Mobile Applications

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For those of you who really have a hobby in the IT field, creating applications on mobile phones is also an interesting way to earn extra income.

Moreover, it is now relatively easy to create an application that can be used on Android and iOS phones.

It can be an application used by other people in helping daily activities. Can also make simple games that can make people addicted.

Advertisers will come without being invited when your application is downloaded more often. That’s when it means harvest time has come.

Play Applications and Get Paid

For those of you who do not have a passion or interest in making applications, you can still make money from this computer program.

You just need to download various applications that specifically give you money.

The method is relatively easy, you just need to be diligent in running the application. Generally requires you to watch an ad video which is a condition to get change from this application.

If you then download the application in the ad, there will be additional money that goes to your virtual wallet.

The benefits are very diverse. From starting to add e-money at PayPal, vouchers on the Google Play Store, to phone credit. Among the apps that will get you paid is Whaff Rewards.

Creating and Selling Fonts

If you’re looking to make money by creating fonts, there are a few things you’ll need

But don’t let these hurdles deter you! With a little bit of effort, selling fonts can be very rewarding. And if you have the right tools and knowledge, making your own fonts is easy too. So start today and see how easy it is to make money by making fonts!

before starting. First, you’ll need a font editor – something like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator – and some type of font-making software. Second, you’ll need to create a portfolio of your work and promote it online. And finally, you’ll need to find buyers for your fonts – people who will be willing to pay for them.

You can find the buyer with browsing through a font market place or maybe by starting to give some demo on your fonts in several sites.  Demo sites like Font Squirrel or MyFonts offer a lot of space to give a little bit of showcase for your fonts.

Don’t forget to give your contact link on the demo fonts package, if some buyer catch some interest in your phone they can easily contact you.

So, there you have it! Making money by selling fonts is easy as can be. With a little bit of effort, you’ll have a thriving business on your hands. Have fun with it and good luck!


To be able to make money from the internet or Other side businesses still need patience. You can’t actually get paid big money from those who need your services.

There must still be a relentless effort to build good credibility. You will have no trouble finding clients when that credibility is obtained. Instead, they will come to you for help.


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