Indonesia Sanction to Any Scholarship Recipient that Did Not Return

Indonesia Sanction to Any Oversea Scholarship Recipient that Did Not Return

Sanction will be delivered, If recipients of overseas scholarships awarded by the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) do not return to Indonesia at the end of their studies, they will face sanctions.

“Awardees who do not return to Indonesia (after completing their studies) will be sanctioned in the form of obligatory refunds and other sanctions in accordance with the signed contract,” said Dwi Larso, the LPDP’s director of scholarships, here on Friday.

According to the LPDP regulations, scholarship recipients who have completed their studies abroad must return to Indonesia at least 90 days after their graduation date, as evidenced by an official document from their universities, he explained.

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Scholarship recipients who obtain a written permit from the LPDP to continue their doctoral studies must also return to Indonesia at the end of their studies, he added.

Those who violate the provisions will be issued a warning letter in the first instance, according to Larso.

Those who do not return to Indonesia within 30 days of receiving the warning letter will have their LPDP awardee status revoked and will be required to return all scholarship funds, he said.

The clause requiring recipients to return to Indonesia is included in the General Guide for Scholarship Awardee Candidates and Awardees, which is available on the LPDP’s official website.

Larso added that the institution is also collaborating with the Directorate General of Immigration to track down scholarship recipients who have failed to return to Indonesia after finishing their studies.

He previously stated that the LPDP is critical to the advancement of the national agenda.

On May 25, 2022, Larso stated, “The role of LPDP has become more critical and important in advancing the national agenda to support the public and private sectors.”

In its tenth year, the LPDP has awarded scholarships to nearly 30,000 students from 34 Indonesian provinces to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies, he said.

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“Through this award, we have produced over 15 thousand alumni who are currently devoting (theirselves) to their country from Sabang to Merauke,” he said.

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