Vaidehi Chandorkar


Respiratory infections are quite common these days due to immense amount of pollution in the environment. It ranges from common cold, to life-threatening entities like bacterial pneumonia, pulmonary embolism. The treatments available used to have an impact on the infection causing organisms initially but the current scenario is not so, as the pathogens have the tendency to develop resistance towards the drug. Pertaining to this issue there is a need to undertake multipronged approach for preventing and treating such infections. Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) have a lot of applications in the field of biotechnology, biomedicine, biosensors, catalyst and therapeutic areas. Synergistic activity of silver Nanoparticles and natural extracts have shown the enhanced activity, and it was observed even resistant organisms were sensitive to the combination.  The present findings corroborate that silver Nanoparticles possess compounds with antimicrobial properties which supports its medicinal use. 


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