C. Senthil Kumari


Human fertility control is one of the major approaches which seem effective in controlling population. Traditional use of medicinal plants and their extracts have become widely known among society for various diseases including fertility related problems. Considering women healthcare, it has become important to use herbal anti-fertility agents which can interfere with the natural procedure of reproduction in women. These herbal contraceptives are found to be eco-friendly, can be easily available and affordable even in rural areas. Very few studies have been carried out to confirm the safety and efficacy of medicinal plants used as anti-fertility agents .The present study was aimed to evaluate the  antiovulatory and abortifacient potential  of the ethanolic extract of mirabilis jalapa linn in female albino wistar rats.


Mirabilis jalapa ; antiovulatory ; abortifacient;Albino wistar rats


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