Identification of aldehyde oxidase as an enzyme in metabolism of zoniporide

sagar Shrikantrao deshmukh, Amit Suryakant tapkir, praveen chaudhari


Aldehyde oxidases are molybdoflavoenzymes present in cytosolic compartment with broad substrate specificity, oxidizing different types of aldehydes, and heterocyclic rings has attracted increased interest in recent years. The physiological function of aldehyde oxidases is largely unknown, although the enzymes play an important role in the metabolism of numerous compounds of medicinal and toxicological interest, as they oxidize a wide range of aldehydes and heterocyclic compounds Aldehyde oxidase. This unit provides methods for identification and confirmation of AO as metabolic pathways that are AO substrate as wel as the effect of different protein (Human S9 fractions) concentration on different concentrations of zoniporide. The peak at 3.29 min is Metabolized zoniporide while the peak at m/z 337 (RT = 3.22 min) suggests an addition of 16 amu to zoniporide. The maximum formation of metabolite shown up to 90 min in both protein concentrations respectively, further 90 min it decreases rapidly.

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