Mopuri deepa


Four novel benzotriazole (B2T-1-4) derivatives are synthesized, characterized by the IR spetra and screened for anti-bacterial activity by Agar diffusion method. The synthetic scheme of benzotriazole involves the reaction between substituted benzotriazole with chloro acetyl chloride result into 1-H-benzotrizole-1-yl acetyl chloride.The formed 1-H-benzotrizole-1-yl acetyl chloride was further treated with amine derivative resulted in 4-[(1H-benzotriazole-1-yl acetyl)amino] benzoic acid. Finally fused with various aromatic amines to give four novel benzotriazole derivatives. The compounds shown the mild to moderate anti-bacterial activity when compared to standard Ampicillin.


Benzotriazole, heterocyclic azoles, IRspectra,antibacterial activity.

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