7 Latest Minimalist Home Window Models That Can Be Your Inspiration

7 Latest Minimalist Home Window Models That Can Be Your Inspiration

The window of the house is one part that cannot be separated from the whole of your house. This is because windows have a very important function for your miniature home. One of them is to facilitate air circulation in your home. Therefore windows play an important role in terms of health or can be said as one of the mandatory requirements to make a healthy home. Well, in order to make a healthy home with a fashionable and modern look.

1. Minimalist Windows with Vertical Bars


This two-door window with a vertical roof is one of the most popular examples of modern home window designs. The design of the window that is side by side with the door and the size of the windows and doors that are almost the same will give a more spacious impression to your minimalist home.

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2. Dead Window and Casement Window with Grid Bars


The inspiration for the next window model is a combination of dead windows and casement windows with city grid bars which are very suitable to decorate your living room or family room. With strong lighting, it will give the impression and feel of a bright and clean house.

In the morning, healthy and fresh air will enter your home and you will get good sunlight for maximum health.

3. Casement windows for rooms

This casement window looks very simple, the design and shape of this window is perfect for your child’s bedroom, living room or bedroom. With green views that are clearly visible from the outside of the garden, you can make the atmosphere of a minimalist home more comfortable to be your residence or residence.

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4. Curved Dead Window

This curved dead window design is similar to the modern design that you often see in fairy tale houses. If you want a house design like a fairy tale house, you can also use this one home design. But you need to know that this one window design is perfect for the location on the 2nd floor of your house.

5. Sliding Window

The next choice of window models that you can use for your minimalist home design is sliding windows. This window model can be said to be very safe and suitable for your home on the first floor or on the 2nd floor.

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6. Wide Room Window

If you want a comfortable bedroom with sufficient air ventilation, you can use this minimalist home window design. The size of the window that is wide enough with a beautiful view will make you feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

7. Bathroom Window


For those of you who want to linger in the bathroom and enjoy the atmosphere in the bathroom, it turns out that now you can do it. You can use this one window design so that the atmosphere will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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