More Practical, Here are 8 2021 Trends for Contemporary Home Interior Design

More Practical, Here are 8 2021 Trends for Contemporary Home Interior Design

Like various lifestyle supports that have trends, so does home decoration . Although larger shifts are seen over a longer period of time, there is usually a new trend each year. To help people keep up with this trend, Modsy releases an annual trend report that predicts what designs will be popular for decorating home interiors.

According to Insider, Modsy’s vice president of style, Alessandra Wood, shares home interior design trends that people will embrace in 2021, to make them feel the warmth and comfort of their own home.

1. Comfort above all

Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time at home and want to add functional comfort to their spaces. For example, if you have had a formal living room for many years, this time you will try to think about how to make it more attractive and functional.

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“Traditional style furniture or soft sofas and recliners have become a mainstay that provides comfort and support for many people during these unprecedented times,” said Alessandra.

2. Minimize carbon footprint

The fast fashion industry has begun to be abandoned by some people, who prioritize practical needs. The pandemic situation has made it clear that clothing is a necessity that is not really concerned with trends, but towards function. Some millennials and gen Z have started to promote a minimalist lifestyle by starting with reducing the number of clothes in the closet, so that they help reduce the carbon footprint on this earth . Less closet creates more space, right?

3. Furniture as needed

Marie Kondo teaches us to sort and store only what we like, without losing the quality of the product,”  said Alessandra. “Staying in a room with a minimalist atmosphere creates the impression of zen or serenity, because there is more space,” he added.

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4. Natural look

“People are starting to think more about the environmental impact of home designs and how the use of furniture products doesn’t cause deforestation,” he said. “We see our customers investing in quality goods that they can keep for years.”

5. Return of the 80s touch

The unique corner shapes of the furniture, glass and stone materials, as well as Art Deco, are the hallmarks of the 80’s design style. The forms that were once modern have become retro. Adapting to the present, this design style is also embedded in some furniture.

6. Softer wood color

Alessandra gives a tip, “It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a Scandinavian or rustic style. When choosing furniture, choose a lighter color wood as opposed to dark wood, metal or lacquered trim.” This will become an interior design trend , considering the comfort factor when at home, has increased sharply during the pandemic. Soft colors really make the eyes cool , right .

7. Elements of nature

So, don’t be surprised if the trend of buying plants for the room will still increase in 2021. According to Alessandra, a room that has an attachment to nature will have a calming effect for people in the room.

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8. Welcome to Grandmillennial design style


Grandmillennial design style in 2021, combining modern design with decorations that describe the interior of our grandparents’ homes. “This trend is all about the younger generation who love design and decoration, which culturally we think of as ‘grandmother’s house’,” explains Alessandra. You can apply this in the selection of inherited furniture from your ancestors, the selection of carpet motifs, or wallpaper. 

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