How to choose the best home guard dog

Home guard dog

Dogs are the most trusted and loyal friends. People often refer to pets that are usually an integral family member. Dogs can fill a empty space quickly. This is why the joke suggests that dogs would rather be with their spouses, since dogs have more loyalty to their owners than spouses and wives due to the emotional bond created between dogs and their owners.

Profits and Loss Keeping Dogs

Why why do so many people desire to have a pet? There are a variety of benefits you can gain by having a dog at the home, for example:

The emotional connection between dogs and human beings

The bond between humans and dogs is one of reciprocity. If you provide your dog with the time and attention it deserves, like petting and grooming it, it will feel more calm and connected with its pet.

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For humans dog owners, their presence provide a sense of satisfaction and peace since they believe that they are needed by humans.

Humans are protected.

Dogs can provide their owners the feeling of safety. The habit of dogs barking at strangers could be an excellent security feature to protect your house. The dog owners themselves feel secure with their pets since they are prone to attack any person who appears like a threat to their owner. Additionally the dog’s ability to be aware of natural disasters well in advance can be an advantage if you reside in a region that is prone to disasters.


Dogs love being an aid to their master. Like an animal that guides blind people. A dog who is a firefighter’s assistant. Additionally, dogs could also form part of a team to help with emergencies that are natural. Dogs may also assist police officers locate certain things.

A dog can offer lots of support to its owner even in tough situations. There are many benefits for having a pet, there are disadvantages as well that come with having an animal. One of them is:

Responsibilities rise

Being a pet owner means you have to take on more of the responsibilities you have, like feeding, drinking, bathing, and providing a space to stay. Also, you must take time out to go for a walk or workout with your dog.

Hygiene and health concerns

If you have a dog, you must be ready to rid your home and pet of fleas dirt, and dog dander and must also wash your home more frequently. Furthermore, certain illnesses that can affect dogs could be a cause of concern for them, like the rabies.

Cost Increase

The care of a dog needs additional costs. Particularly if you need to provide special food for your dog and care for your fur, or have to go for a visit to the veterinarian. The average lifespan of a dog ranges from 12 to 15 years. You will need to plan for that time in case you decide to get the pet.

Create problems and create cases

If the dog’s owner does not pay attention to his dog, the dog could be aggressive towards other people, which can cause issues and possibly lawsuits.

Tips for Choosing a Dog

If you choose to get dogs, then it is important to consider the following:

Characteristics and characteristics of dogs

Each breed of dog is different and distinct character and temperament. Some big dogs are aggressive and fierce dogs. Not all dogs that are small or petite are friendly .

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For instance for instance, the Golden Retriever dog, despite its massive body is a dog that enjoys being friendly with any person. The Terrier that is tiny and small is a breed one that’s fierce and tough. Pick a dog that you are most comfortable with due to its character and temperament.

The size of your home against your the size of your dog

If your home is small, do not keep an aggressive, large dog. If he is a dog who wants to have fun, then your home will soon be destroyed. If your home is tiny and is filled with objects, you must select a smaller or compact pet like Poodle.

dog background

Pick a dog that has an uncluttered background. If you purchase from a pet store make sure you ask for the proof of purchase or the certificate. If you don’t have it, you may want to consult with a vet for more information. It is also possible to get an animal from someone you are familiar with. This method is more beneficial as you’ll be able to see better how to judge the health, care , and authenticity. If you decide to adopt a puppy dog, then you need to know what the history of your mother’s family as well as whether the dog has any diseases or health issues. The puppies will carry the traits of behavior, health, and behaviour from their mom.

Female or male

Female dogs are typically less stressful to handle. Male dogs tend to be more active and aggressive. Furthermore male dogs typically are more adventurous and if you do not pay close attention to your dog, it may disappear. If you’re planning to have a dog at the home, select female dogs. If you’re looking to use it as a security dog you should choose a male dog.

Adult dogs or puppies

Puppy dogs are generally more docile than dogs of adulthood. But, you must be patient when raising a puppy as you would with an infant and still young.

In addition, adult canines are harder to change and educate their behavior due to the fact that they have habits they learned at the same place they were born and raised. If you select the right dog for your needs there are advantages as well. The majority of adult dogs have the necessary knowledge to connect with other dogs and to their environment.

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If you’d like to have more quality time with the favorite pet, consider the puppy. You should instead choose a well-trained adult dog If you’re having a difficult to manage your time.

Conditions of the environment in which the dog is walked

If you decide to purchase an adult pet, you should try to determine the conditions where he was raised before. Animals that are raised in an environment that is full of family and lots of people generally are accommodating and sociable. Street dogs are difficult dogs. If you’re guilty for the dog you see in the streets and would like to take it home, be ready for the kind of personality that could create issues.

Thus, select the most suitable dog for you. Be careful when purchasing an animal. Don’t buy a small dog that is friendly in the beginning when you planned to purchase a bigger and fierce guard dog. Once you’ve brought your pet home make sure you ensure that you take good care and take good care of your pet.

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The average age of dogs is usually between 12 and 15 years old. It requires the commitment of an ongoing bond with your dog. A lot of people cannot stay on this path through the disposal of or donating their beloved pet to another person.

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