6 Unique and Attractive Home Decoration Styles That Can Inspire Your Home

6 Unique and Attractive Home Decoration Styles

Apart from being a shelter, a good and comfortable design can also make us feel at home in the house. In addition, the design of the house can also affect the mood we are in. Therefore, if you feel bored and don’t match your home decor, it’s a good idea to redecorate your home according to your wishes and character. Here, unique and interesting home decoration styles that can be an inspiration and reference for rearranging the interior of your home.

1. Minimalist Style

The first home decoration idea that can be an inspiration for you is a minimalist model. Home interior decoration with this one style of decoration is now a trend in modern circles. For those of you who like a simple but elegant style, this decoration can be the most appropriate choice for you to apply at home. Simple furniture in neutral colors such as white and black will make a minimalist feel even more pronounced in your home. In addition, this minimalist interior model is also suitable for a house that is not too large.

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2. Contemporary Style

Decorating with a contemporary style is one of the most sought after decorations by today’s urbanites. Neat and organized, that’s the first impression you will feel when you see a room decorated in this contemporary style. Want to try this style for your home but afraid of looking too stiff? Calm down.. To get rid of the stiff impression, you can use bright colored interiors such as red, yellow and green. If the colors of the room and furniture are in harmony, the impression of a room that was too stiff will turn into an elegant and comfortable impression. In addition, furniture made of metal elements is also a hallmark of this contemporary style. If you are interested in applying this style, you can add metal furniture such as gold chandeliers and silver photo frames.

3. Country Style

The vintage feel is very thick in this country style decoration. So, if you like the old style, which is still much loved today, you can add vintage accessories and decorations to your home. Surely the feel of luxury and classic will really feel in your home. Interested in trying this style?

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4. Cottage Style

Do you like the feel of nature? This cottage-style decoration can be the most appropriate choice to be applied to your home. The use of interiors made of wood is the main characteristic of this decoration. The impression is simple but still colorful, perfect for those of you who like calm and are calm individuals. You can add unique pastel-themed accessories with carvings such as carved frames to beautify your home.

5. Pop Art Style


Pop art is art that emerged in the mid 1950’s in England. It’s no wonder that popular culture is heavily influenced by music, commercials and films. Unusual and colorful impression, looks firm and striking. The color scheme used is bright and contrasting. Retro-style furniture such as colorful sofas with floral motifs and unique furniture with carvings can be the hallmark of this pop art style. The addition of paintings by pop-disco singers will make the retro atmosphere even more intense.

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6. Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is heavily influenced by Middle Eastern, South American and Indian cultures, so that the feel of luxury is very thick. Ethnic themed accessories such as tribal motifs are the hallmark of this decoration, which is also known as the boho chic style. In addition, the use of bright and solid colors such as purple, orange, dark blue and golden brown is another characteristic of this decoration.

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