Steps To Make a Good Research Title

Steps To Make a Good Research Title

A. Definition of

The title reflects the overall content of a scientific work that is self-explanatory, interesting so that people immediately suspect the material and problems and what material is being studied, a description of a more specific topic, and often implies the variables to be discussed. The writing of the title is usually formulated after the formulation of the problem or limitation and determination of the problem to be studied.

The research title is a reflection of the research objectives. Therefore, the research objective is formulated from the research problem. Or in other words, the research objective is a quick answer to the research questions, so the research title reflects the research problem. The title of the research, in this case, has several meanings, including,

1. The title is a summary form (summary form), and the contents of the entire investigation

2. The title is a frame of reference for the entire thesis or thesis

3. The title is ours as researchers, and therefore, we claim it

4. The title allows other researchers (as a reference) to possibly survey the theory. (Consuelo G. Sevilla, et al. 1993).

Research Title According to Expert

1. A. Aziz Alimul H (2003:12), the title mirrors the overall content of the scientific work; in making the title of the research, it should be self-explanatory and exciting so that people immediately suspect the material and problems and what material is being studied. Can provide a global picture of the direction, intent, purpose, and scope of research.

2. Soekidjo Notoadmodjo (1993:38), the title reflects the research objectives. Because the research objective is formulated from the research problem or, in other words, the research objective is a quick answer to the research statement. The research title also reflects the research problem.

B. The concept of selecting a research title

selection of a good and correct research title can explain the concept of understanding the research, including:

1. Avoid confusing sentences and complicating the preparation of the research concept.

2. Based on the assumptions about the phenomenon being criticized and the arguments advanced, the title of the research chosen has clearly described the position of the variables that are the object of the study, as well as the clarity of the concept of ideas included in the study’s title.

3. The actualized concept of the idea becomes very clear, namely, testing the hypothesis through a series of statistical formulas in the context of assessing the causal relationship between variable X (antecedent) and variable Y (consequence).

4. Standards for using research methods become more straightforward because the procedures and procedures for testing the hypothesis are clear and universally applicable.

5. The research results deserve to be considered a scientific innovation based on empirical studies. Suppose the innovation is developed using a conceptual descriptive analysis approach. In that case, the research results deserve to be considered as a new theory that deserves to be used as a reference.

6. It can be seen the difference between the preparation of scientific papers based on hypothesis testing; namely, research results can provide new theories and provide knowledge about various things that are used as research objects.

C. Research Title Elements

1. Nature and type of research

2. Object to be studied

3. Research subject

4. Location or time of research

5. Year or time of occurrence


D. Requirements for a Good Title

According to Mardalis (1995), in determining the title of the research, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things:

1. The title of the research that attracts the interest of the researcher. The point is to be able to attract and arouse interest in researchers in every step of research, especially the desire to obtain scientific truth.

2. The researcher can carry out the title chosen. With the ability of knowledge and skills, researchers will be able to solve problems with the chosen title.

3. The title should contain practical and important uses for research. Researchers have worked and tried hard; the results should be helpful for themselves, society, and science.

4. The title chosen should have sufficient data available. The choice of research title should be supported by sufficient data available and convince researchers to research it. The data in question is secondary data from the existing literature to obtain theories and concepts that will later be used to develop research hypotheses.

5. Avoid duplication of titles with other titles. If two titles are the same, people often say that one of them is a copy or plagiarism.

Meanwhile, the opinion of A. Aziz Alimul H (2003; 12), in general, the requirements for a good research title include,

1. Attracting the interest of researchers, an interesting title that is of interest to researchers will provide motivation for researchers to conduct further research. Titles in nursing research can be adapted to the patient’s nursing problems in nursing care.

2. Able to be implemented by researchers, titles that researchers easily implement will facilitate the research process so that obstacles during the research process in the research process can be overcome easily.

3. Containing practical uses and important for research, the title should be able to be used in the development of science, and the results can benefit the community.

4. Sufficient data is available; the title should allow the availability of data that can facilitate researchers so that they are not burdensome in the research process.

5. Avoid duplication with other titles, titles are not the same as other titles, but for research development, it is better to use a more specific title.

6. Contains the variables to be studied. The title should contain two elements of the variables to be studied, considering that the title is part of the study’s overall content.

7. In the form of a question sentence, the title should be a statement sentence because it will better make it easier for readers to understand.

8. Clear, short, and precise, the title should contain clarity of content and be brief and precise on the problem to be studied; clear, concise, and precise nature will make it easier for someone to understand the overall content of what will be researched.


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