Gold Investment Tips for Beginners

Gold Investment Tips for Beginners

Determine Investment Goals

Tujuan Investasi dan Jenis-Jenis Investasi [Plus Risikonya]

When investing, everyone must have their own goals. This also applies to gold investment.

Before you start investing, try asking yourself first, what do you really want to achieve with the results of this investment?

For example, you can set a goal that 10 years from now will buy a house with  cash , retire early , or be financially free.

Well, after knowing what the goal is, of course you have to be more consistent in buying gold with a certain amount according to your ability. That’s the first gold investment tips for beginners.

Monitor and Check Gold Prices Periodically

After you have a definite goal for investing, you have to be patient and don’t be eager to buy gold right away.

The next gold investment tip that you should follow is to check the price of gold bullion on the market.

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Nowadays, it is very easy to find this information about gold investment. You can find it on the internet because of the many sites that display it.

Not only that, now there are many digital gold shops that you can check periodically via your  smartphone .

Buy gold when the market price is down, so you can buy investment instruments with the minimum possible capital with the hope that in the future you will get bigger results.

After that, you can continue to monitor the movement of gold prices.

Although, the movement of gold can be said to be constant, but that doesn’t mean you let it go, yes.

Make sure to buy at the right place

Investing in gold will be possible when you buy it in a trusted place. First, check the track record of where you want to buy gold. Make sure the place has status.

As with other investments, nowadays there are also many scams that attack gold buyers.

You have to be more careful when someone offers to buy gold with a fast process.

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Investing can be said to be quite expensive.

Of course you don’t want it, if the money that has been invested just disappears.

Determine the Investment Amount 

The next gold investment tip is to determine the amount of money that must be spent.

The next gold investment tip is to determine the amount of money that must be spent. After knowing what your investment goals are, of course you have calculated how much you have to collect to achieve that goal.

For example, when you want to invest in gold to buy a house in cash in 10 years, you can estimate how much inflation each year from the property industry.

That way, you will know the value that must be achieved in the next 10 years.

After you can estimate the value, you can determine the period when and how much gold to buy.

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For example, every month you determine the purchase of 5 grams of gold at a price of Rp. 500,000, meaning you have to spend Rp. 2.5 million every month.

Well, but even though gold investment is relatively safer, you still have to pay attention to several conditions so you don’t make a gold investment mistake.

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