Geography Research Data Methods for Processing and Collection

Geography Research Data Methods for Processing and Collection

Everyday it is common to see natural phenomena that happen such as earthquakes, rain or floods, as well as eclipses. We have the information to comprehend and explain the mechanism by which this phenomenon happens. This is because of that we have geography study that can address issues related to the geographical phenomenon.

One of the major components of this research is the collection of data. Without data, analysis of research can’t be conducted. Data is data that is an assortment of numbers, facts letters, images tables, graphs objects, symbols, conditions and circumstances that can be used as the foundation for research. Data is the basis to gather information for research in geography.

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Data collection methods are the methods employed to gather the necessary data to conduct research. In geo-related research there are at the very least five data collection methods that include observation in the field, remotely sensing surveys, interviews, and documentary research.

Remote Sensing

This method of collecting data is collected using the sensor device attached to a vehicle either in the air or space that is not in having direct interaction with any object that is being observed. The kinds of vehicles that could be utilized in this data collection method are hot air balloons aircrafts drones, satellites, and drones.

Field observation

Methods for collecting data are performed by taking a close look at geo-spatial phenomena and the issues you wish to investigate. This method of observation is frequently used in research on geography since it seeks to collect information straight from field.

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Based on its execution the field observation can be classified into two types that are participation observation, or researchers directly involved in field observation while non-participating observation or researchers who do not participate themselves. The data processing can also be split into two parts, which are quantitative and qualitative data.


The method of data collection is based on direct communication between the researcher as well as the person who is resource. The communication takes the form of a question and answer , while speaking in person with the research team and the respondent , or the resource person.


The information is gathered by supplying a list of questions that need to be completed or answered by the participant. This method is designed to determine the views about experiences, beliefs, and opinions of people towards geographical events that take place.

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The instrument utilized in surveys is known as a survey, or questionnaire. Based on the model of questions the questionnaire could be divided into four types that include closed-ended, open-ended semi-open and open-closed combinations.

Documentary Studies

By using this method, information is gathered through the use of documents that are written and relevant to the research issue. Document research aims to ensure accuracy of the findings of research done previously or to study theories and concepts that are in use and evolving.

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