The Big Secret of Finding Thesis Topic

The Big Secret of Finding Thesis Topic

The topic of your thesis is extremely important and it is the very first step to undertake. In the previous article , we saw a great keyword in the thesis, specifically “influence” as well as “effect”. In this article on thesis writing tip I’ll show you how these two terms can help you decide the subject of your thesis. Ready?

In deciding the subject of a thesis, we frequently have doubts. A common source of asked questions is the danger of duplication of titles as well as the validity of the research. Right?

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I’ll outline some steps to help you make a decision about your thesis topic:
Choose the topic based on your interests, I suggest picking 3-5 topic choices.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Make use of the words “Influence” as well as “Effect”. The formula describes the impact of the dependent variable [independent variablethe dependent variable. Example: “Effect of trading month on the price of stock”. To refresh your brain The dependent variable can be described as the one which is independent of an additional variable, as in the case of this subject the trading month. Independent variables are one that is dependent on other variables, which in this case, the price of stock. A different example would be the impact of salary, bonuses and incentive systems in determining the motivation of employees at PT. X.

2. Keep in mind that the thesis subject isn’t designed to develop an entirely new theory. Instead, it should be based on theories that are already in place. In order to do this you must go through the existing literature. Literature sources can come from the theoretical literature (best sources) or other studies in the form of journals in science (my preferred source) or any other theses.

3. Based on the information you’ve read, you can develop your thesis by doing a new research since previous work has become invalid due to it being too long, or the prior data did not meet the requirements. The key is to go to the conclusion of your research following the conclusion, which is titled “suggestions”. You will find suggestions for further research and development from earlier authors.

4. You may also revisit foreign journals to find cases that occurred in Indonesia or more precisely within certain firms. This is where you can determine whether there is a correlation of the same variables in the place we are.

5. Next, you need to conduct study on the existence of scientific journals, theories and other theses that are related to the subject of your thesis. In this process, you will need be aware of two factors, specifically the possibility of duplicate thesis topics, and the accessibility of literature. You can find it in the library, or by reading foreign scientific journals that are generally available through your library (if you don’t have oneyet, I would suggest becoming an active member of a library that offers journal publications from foreign countries. Master libraries at state universities typically have journals).

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The journal is typically available as a huge quantity of CDs, but it also contains an index that includes an option to search. You can also conduct initial research using my favorite technique, Google. Google? You’re right In the next article, we’ll look at the secrets to conducting research with Google as well as the Google search function within your library’s journals of science.

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