Easy Steps On How to Find a Good Research Ideas

Easy Steps On How to Find a Good Research Ideas

Those who have already done a study definitely won’t have problems finding research ideas. Because of the proposal, Previously, they had made a research road map containing what research had been done and what would be done in the future.

The research idea is the initial capital in making a proposal. How could you possibly make a research proposal if you don’t have an idea?

Even though the most significant difficulty for beginners in Making a proposal is how to get excellent and quality research ideas.


Excellent and quality research ideas are research ideas that are made in a bright, innovative, and creative way.

1. Smart

The purpose of doing research is to get the right solution to a problem or problem. This goal can be achieved if you think intelligently with a convergent way of thinking.

How the ability of your mindset to solve problems, in this case, is highly demanded.  

2. Innovative

Innovativeness can be defined as the ability to think divergently, which is being able to provide as many alternative answers as possible to solve a problem.

Basically, all research is an innovation or development of previous research. Often, practicing invention from the most minor things really supports your ability to find new research ideas.

3. Creative Creative

thinking means seeing things the same as other people but being able to think of something different from the others.

It’s the same in finding business ideas as most business people have done, namely with the OTM System (Observe then Modify).

This can be justified because it has made modifications (albeit a little) so that it is already different from other people’s ideas.


To be able to get good ideas and quality in making proposals, the following requirements are needed:

1. Expertise

Problems can be completely resolved if done by people who have special skills. Well, before targeting a particular research idea, first measure the expertise you have.

If you are sure you can do it, then continue. But if in doubt, it’s better to look for other research ideas.

2. Ability

ability, in this case, is being able to solve problems with their educational background. Try as much as possible to conduct research that does not come out of your field of science.

However, to be able to solve the problem in total, it is not possible to only need one field of science. Therefore, each research program requires that the proposer is in the form of a team with different scientific backgrounds.

3. Attitude

Not only applies to the implementation of research, an excellent attitude to oneself is needed in all things. Moreover, the results of the research are not only used by themselves but by many people.

4. Responsibility

What you produce from research is the sole responsibility of your team. To avoid things that are not desirable, invite people who can be responsible for you to include in your research team.

5. Teamwork

Each member of the research team has a different background in the field of science, so the work handled is also different from one another. And every job cannot be replaced by another member.


To help you find research ideas, here are 3 easy ways to find research ideas that you can follow the steps.

1. Use 5W+1H Questions

Adikamba or Asdikamba, which is another term for 5W+1H, is a group of questions that you can use as a basis for gathering information in solving problems.

Adikimba stands for the following questions:

A = What

Di = Where

K = When

Si = Who

M = Why

Ba = How

far, 5W+1H has been widely used by journalists in the preparation of news and investigations by the police.

But it turns out that 5W+1H is also very helpful for you in finding ideas in making research proposals.

2. Observe the Situation of the Surrounding Environment

To get a source of smart, innovative, and creative ideas, you can’t just sit idly by without any survey.

In fact, there are many unresolved problems in society. By observing the situation of the surrounding environment, you can find the problems experienced by the community at that time.

So it is highly recommended for those who want to make a research proposal but haven’t gotten the idea to visit several public places, such as markets, tourist attractions, highways, and more.

You can also use the internet to find places by browsing.

3. Go to Favorite Places

There are also people who need a special place to find inspiration. Everyone is different in finding it, some are in a quiet place, but some are even in a crowd.

If you have found a research idea, immediately check it on the internet. Has anyone done your research idea or not?

If not, you can immediately follow up to make a proposal. But if someone has already done the research, look for parts that have not been researched. If not, you can change the variable.

Those are 3 easy ways to find ideas in making research proposals. Surely everyone has their own way of finding ideas.


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