The final report of the police regarding the fatal accident of Bob Saget excludes the possibility of foul play.

Fatal accident of Bob Saget

A report on the incident from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida did not pinpoint what was the cause of the accident-related head injury that claimed the life of Bob Saget, although the report has ruled out foul play.

Former “Full House” star was discovered dead in the Orlando hotel suite on January. 9 at the age of 65. Saget’s death was reported just a few days after he appeared in an act of standup comedy in Jacksonville.

The report, obtained through NBC News on Tuesday, included an autopsy performed by chief medical Examiner Joshua Stephany, M.D. in January. He found that Saget had a skull fracture at the skull’s base as well as bleeding around the brain, and several broken orbital bones on an anterior part of his skull before his death.

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The autopsy results revealed that “the magnitude of force needed for the injury to occur in conjunction with the fact that the skin covering the side of the head was still intact was enough to lead (Stephany) to think that the fracture was probably caused by “something hard overlaid with a soft substance.'”

The medical examiner recommended “a falling onto the floor that was carpeted” for an illustration of accident that could’ve fatally injured Saget.

The report states, “Dr. Stephany stated that the fracture could have shocked the Mr. Saget, and, even if the bleeding had occurred slow the Dr. Saget would have noticed symptoms like dizziness, and there would be indications that could be seen by those in his vicinity, like difficulties with balance, confusion or speech slurred.”

The medical examiner noted that they believed that Saget suffered the head injury “probably within hours after his death, and possibly within a few days depending on a variety of medical aspects.”

But, Saget “would have exhibited certain indications that something was not right.”

The autopsy also revealed that Saget was positive of COVID-19 at the time of his demise.

Following the time Doctor. Stephany completed his autopsy The hotel room in which Saget was residing was examined again to figure out how the late comedian could be able to have suffered a head injury. The exam did not produce a “definitive result.”

“The tables, countertops nightstands, and other pieces of furniture that were within the room all had sharply defined edges as well as corners that were thought to be unlikable due to being the risk that these items could have cut the skin,” the report stated.

“The counters of the bathroom as well as the shower area were both ruled out of this same reason. The majority of couches and chairs were heavily cushioned and too soft to cause the kind and severity of injuries The victim, Mr. Saget suffered,” it went on to say.

“As said earlier, the majority of the room was carpeted. In the headboard, there was cushioned and was set a bit away to the side of the wall. The following are possible causes of injury however, nothing was found in the room that would allow for a conclusive conclusion.” the report states.

The report was filed this Tuesday Brian Bieber, attorney for the Saget family spoke to NBC News in a statement, “The incident report makes clear that Mr. Saget passed away following an unintentional and tragic accident inside his hotel room. The investigation is now closed.”

The report was submitted a day after an Florida judge had permanently stopped the release of documents from the investigation into the death of Saget.

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The decision came just over a month after the family of the late comedian comprising his wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters Lara, Aubrey and Jennifer Saget — filed an action to keep the documents sealed in light of privacy concerns.

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