How to Find an Effective Research Gap

How to Find an Effective Research Gap

If a company decides to conduct research on previous business studies, the four types of research gap above cannot be directly or definitely obtained. That is, from the results of complex research, it is quite difficult to find any gap points that occur.

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Therefore, a method is needed to find an effective research gap, the methods are:

1. Looking for concepts that the researchers missed

The first method is to try to find concepts that may have been overlooked by previous researchers. The next researcher must pay attention to the possibility of the forgotten concept, to find answers from the research gap that occurred. Current researchers can interview or ask previous researchers about the possibility of missing concepts, but of course the interview is still with good business ethics.

2. Analyzing gaps in research

The method of conducting research must be scientific so that it does not give wrong results. Even so, usually a research result may not be perfect due to various factors. The causes that are most often found are the limitations of the researcher and the lack of accuracy in taking compatible variables in the research. This is what is called a gap in research.

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The deficiencies that exist will be reflected in the results of the research and can be found where the gaps are. The next step is to perfect the existing deficiencies by conducting an in-depth study. The results of this study can be used as the basis for making new strategies.

3. Based on unclear research results

Another effective method that can be applied to find research gaps is to focus on research results that are less clear. The results of a research describe how the research process is carried out. If the results are unclear, the next researcher can conclude that the research gap is due to an error in the previous research process.

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