What's The Difference Between Toyota Premio G And F?

What's The Difference Between Toyota Premio G And F?
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What’s the Between Premio G and F?

The Eternal Debate: G or F?

Toyota lovers around the world have been debating the same question since time immemorial: should you go with the G or the F? Well, 2023 is the year when the debate will finally come to an end – and we have the answer!

The Great G vs. F Showdown

The G and F are two models of the popular Toyota Premio sedan, and they are both great options for anyone in need of a car. But which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

Style & Design

First things first, let’s talk about the looks. The G is more of a classic, understated style while the F is more modern and flashy. So if you’re looking for a car that will turn heads, the F is definitely the way to go.


When it comes to performance, the G and F are pretty evenly matched. Both cars have great acceleration and handling, so it really comes down to personal preference. The G has slightly better fuel efficiency, but the F has a bit more power.


Ah, the age-old question: how much does it cost? The G is slightly cheaper than the F, so if you’re on a budget, that might be the better choice. However, the F offers more features and a more stylish design, so you get what you pay for.

The Verdict: G or F?

The debate between G and F is finally over! Both models of the Toyota Premio are great cars, but it really comes down to personal preference. If you want a classic, understated style and a slightly lower price tag, go with the G. But if you want something a bit more modern and flashy, the F is the way to go.

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