Deshaun Watson has been cleared legally of any criminal charges.

Deshaun Watson has been cleared legally

Deshaun Watson was silent in the two depositions he took that took place on the Friday.

The long-awaited deposition of Deshaun ‘Watson’ started on Friday with the two first of the 22 depositions completed. Rusty Hardin said that Watson will use his fifth amendment to not incriminate himself. The deposition took close up to 3 hours.

Watson isn’t just the Watson story to come out today. A mile or less away an open jury met to determine the possibility that Watson will be facing the possibility of criminal prosecution. While it was reported in the last update that all of the accusations were civil lawsuits, they

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However, the grand jury decided that Watson is not facing criminal charges. The news came out during the process of writing this piece.

Will Deshaun Watson be able to end into the Carolina Panther when it’s said and done?

Jonathan M. Alexander of the Charlotte Observer reported that the Carolina Panthers have been in talks with the Texans to trade Deshaun Watson. The deal would include the signing of a few defensive players from Carolina’s roster as well as some players. Carolina is the only team that has not been a part of the process throughout the whole process.

The NFL may not completely suspend Watson but likelihood of trades will grow significantly. This could lead to one of the most chaotic free agency seasons ever as a trade becomes more feasible right now.

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We’ll wait and see how happens when the NFL chooses to decide and when, but the NFL offseason is now upside down.

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