Explanation of the Definition of Research Variables

Explanation of the Definition of Research Variables



Research is a process of finding out about something using a system or systematically over a long period of time by using applicable rules and scientific methods.

So that the whole research process will run smoothly and can be successful, the researcher is emphasized to make a research design. In determining a research design, the thing that must be remembered is that all research components must be interwoven in an orderly and harmonious manner.

One of the components of several research components that have an important meaning that has to do with the comprehensive study process is the research variable. Variables are attributes as well as objects that are the point of attention in a study. The components in question are important in inference of a study or drawing conclusions.

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There are several types of variables in the study. Some of the variables considered include: dependent and independent variables, attribute variables and active variables, continuous variables and categorical variables including latent variables. In addition, the terms or criteria for a good variable in its development must be understood and understood properly so that it becomes the basis for the development and identification of research variables.

Understanding Research Variables

A variable is something that becomes an object of research observation, often referred to as a factor that has a role in the phenomenon to be studied or researched. Based on Kerlinger (2006: 49), a variable is a trait or construct to be studied which has varying values. Kerlinger also stated that the variable is a symbol / symbol to which we put any number or value.

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Based on Sugiyono (2006: 60), variables are all things that have been determined by researchers to be studied so that information is obtained about it, then conclusions are drawn.

Based on Suharsimi Arikunto (1998: 99), the research variable is an object of research or what is the concern of a point of interest in a study.

Apart from the opinions of the experts above, it can be concluded that the research variable is a trait or attribute or factor value, the treatment of activities or objects that have certain variations that have been set by researchers who aim to be studied and then draw conclusions.

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