Data Methods for Collection in Social Research Methodologies

Data Methods for Collection in Social Research Methodologies

In the field of social research there are various types of data collection methods. Techniques for collecting data are methods employed by researchers when collecting data on the ground. The methods used to collect data include questionnaires, literature studies as well as interviews and observation.

Questionnaires, also known as questionnaires, are methods of collecting data through which questions are addressed by respondents, generally in writing. Literature study, on the other hand, collects relevant information from scientific publications, books news, as well as other credible sources that are related to the topic of research.

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The second method of data collection is to conduct interviews. Interviews were conducted through the use of questions and answers with informants or respondents to gather information to conduct research. The final method is observation that is a method of collecting data that is conducted by direct observation.

Processing and analyzing Data

The information that is taken is examined and processed until it can be made into information that pertains to the issue and understandable to the user. Social research methods offer a variety of methods of processing and analyzing data. Three of them are frequency table methods simple statistics, cross tabulation.

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The frequency table method involves how data is presented, and placing the data in tables or lists and class intervals using research findings. Simple statistics are employed to summarise data and present the information in a format that anyone can comprehend typically in graphs or tables. Cross tabulation, on the other hand, is a kind of correlational analysis which is used to analyze the relation between two variables (at at least two variables) with the help of ordinal or nominal data.

Forming and presenting research results

The last step in the method of social research is to present research findings. The process is completed after the data has been processed and analysed, in order to help researchers form and present their research findings in a concise manner. In general, this section will cover three elements, specifically research results, conclusions and recommendations.

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The result of the research is the end result of the researcher. It’s the answer to the question formulation presented. Conclusions form the basis of the data gathered throughout the research process. These suggestions are based on the researcher’s expectations regarding the information gathered and the weaknesses that were discovered during the research discovered so that future studies can be used to make an assessment.

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