This conflict in Russia as well as Ukraine explained to youngsters

This conflict in Russia as well as Ukraine explained to youngsters

The world is thrown into war as the planet and all of us, whether young or old is shaken by it. Children, when they hear about the battle in the region of Russia and Ukraine might be extremely emotional and may not be able to comprehend what’s going on. Youth content has gathered to respond to the questions that are most frequently asked by elementary schoolchildren about this war. With the help of experts in psychology, political science or even philosophy, we gives the answers. Because once we are able to understand our own thoughts, we’re less worried.

What is the motivation behind this conflict in the region between Ukraine with Russia?

Ukraine is part of Russian territories until 1991. It was declared independent 31 years ago, however Russia has refused to acknowledge the territory. Vladimir Putin now wants to return the territory since it would grant him greater power over the nations of Europe. Furthermore, Ukraine wanted to join NATO which is an international organization comprising 29 nations who are allies to ensure peace and to defend themselves as well. Putin is determined to stop this at all cost so that he doesn’t become a victim of this power of the world.

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Do we need to be concerned about the possibility of a 3rd World War?

The experts we spoke to inform us that a third world war is unlikely from what we are seeing in the present. The countries that back Ukraine aren’t directly involved in this war through their armies. They are also not directly involved in the conflict. Vladimir Putin knows that his army cannot match the strength of all united NATO nations. Russia hasn’t shown any intentions to invade any other country other than Ukraine and this war, even though it’s extremely intense, only involves two armies: the Russians as well as that of Ukraine.

How and when will this come to an end?

According to experts there are two possible scenarios. One is that Ukraine is willing to surrender and join Russia in a new way, or is fighting and tries to stop to the Russian military. Whatever happens, wars may occur, however, at the moment, other nations aren’t planning to send troops to help. It’s also possible that Putin decides to put an end to the war in the wake of sanctions by members of the world community however it is highly unlikely. Russia has been making plans for the coup for a long time and has arranged itself to to deal with. It is able to count on the support from China to meet various needs, as China is not an official part of NATO. Therefore, it is unclear when the war will end. The area covered by Ukraine is huge and wars could continue for quite a while all over the world, should Ukraine chooses to fight for as long as it can.

What’s the threat in comparison to Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is an old nuclear power plant situated in Ukraine. It was 36 years ago that an extremely dangerous nuclear accident occurred on the site. A number of people had lost their lives. The radioactivity of the site caused many to become sick. We are aware we know that in the year 1986, the Russian army took over Chernobyl. The site was closed and secure since 1986 disaster however this fact of the Russian army took over Chernobyl is a concern for the international community.

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However it is important to know that the Russians do not have any interest in an accident that happens at Chernobyl as it could directly impact them as well. We hope that no mistakes are made at this point of time, however. However, Russians and Ukrainians are urged to be careful on this website.

Why do we humans go to the battlefield?

It’s been around for a long time and is a an inherent part of our human nature and, therefore, of our lives. Our ancestors, the prehistoric human race could have survived as warriors. But, as time passes, humans have developed the ability to create peace. On the planet there are many people who are in favor of peace than those who would prefer war! Yet, there are fighting armed conflicts all over Earth.

In Canada along with Quebec We are fortunate as we aren’t a part of the horrors of war. We were fortunate to be free of this type of tragedy. However, we could all think of what other the victims go through from conflicts.

How does this conflict impact other nations?

The members who are part of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) have the responsibility to ensure security, peace, and freedom of its members through militarily and politically based methods. Even though Ukraine is not a member of NATO If NATO lets Russia to invade without a reason this opens the door for other countries to follow suit. It is clear that this is not ideal to ensure peace and security of democracy around the world. This is the reason the world community has decided to put severe sanctions on Russia to take it to justice for the attack. Canadian Prim Minister Justin Trudeau has called this Russian attack on Ukraine an attack on freedom and democracy.

Do I have a way to help?

It’s normal for us to feel down or overwhelmed by the circumstances and it’s worthwhile to think about how we can help ourselves maintain the peace of our lives. There are likely to be disputes on a regular routine with your brothers and sisters or even your buddies. There is a normal desire for the most comfortable sofa and the game console first, and to wish to defend and perhaps extend our little space. However, it’s important to consider how we can settle these disputes by not resorting to violent means. By doing this we can help create peace. And we can start doing it in the present!


NATO:North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 29 countries, which includes Canada, United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Great Britain, have joined forces to maintain peace and building an alliance of military force in case of conflict.

Annex:we say that of the country that attaches an area belonging to another country in its territory to their own. In the present, Russia is waging war against Ukraine in the hope of annexed. When a nation is annexed as well as their property, homes and all the other elements that make up it are also annexed, not just the land.

“Invasion”.This phrase is applied in situations where the military forces of one nation attempt to invade another country.

Ceasefire this is a cease-fire in fighting.

Sanctions They are the results that a nation imposes on another nation to show its displeasure. For Russia, Canada has decided to, for instance, that no products related to the technology, aerospace, or minerals sector can export to Russia. The money coming that comes from Russian bank accounts in Canada has also been frozen. This guarantees that no amount cannot be sent to Russia.

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Martial Law:law, which acts as an emergency measure that grants the army the authority to defend the nation in its entirety and the citizens.

Cyberattacks it can be described as computer hacking which aims to cause harm to information as well as to those who are targeted in the assault. It could be espionage, hacking, or even data theft. Russia has been able physical attacks on Ukraine but it has also carried out many cyber attacks in the past few days. Ukrainian government websites, such as those associated with Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Parliament and a host of banks are now inaccessible.

Refugee A Refugee refers to a person that had to leave their country in order to avoid danger. Canada along with Quebec have announced that they will accept Ukrainian refugees in during the months and weeks to come.

Conscription this is the name that identifies the requirement to citizens to be enlisted in the army. In the present, conscription in Ukraine will require all healthy individuals between 18 and 60 to be included on the list of those who can be called up to fight for the army.

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